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Malaysian Riders baru sahaja selesai menjalankan proses penggambaran filem/video untuk ulasan bagi motosikal Yamaha XJ6 Diversion. Pihak Malaysian Riders berharap akan membawa video tersebut untuk tontonan umum secepat mungkin untuk dikongsikan kepada semua peminat motosikal tanah air.

Jadi dengan itu, sila saksikan sedikit klip yang sempat dirakam semasa sesi penggambaran dan teruskan bersama kami di Malaysian Riders.

Advance Riding School in Sepang

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 Owning a motorcycle and riding it sure is something that most people would love and enjoy. But being able to own one doesn’t really necessarily means that he or she can truly ride it and enjoy it to the fullest. Riding a small capacity bike like a moped probably doesn’t really need a set of skill that is needed like riding on something like a sportsbike with a 400cc to 1400cc capacity. Thus, making some of the lucky owners of these awesome bikes left frustrated and overwhelmed with the power.

 Certainly, this has been an issue since the early days of big capacity motorcycles made available for the general public to own one and ride it. But with the technological advancements in motoring and handling, bigger capacity bike has been evolving to be more and more powerful. Although the modern technical advancement like the ABS and Traction Control have been a great help for the riders and owners to enjoy the bike in a much more sensible ways and probably much more safer. But that is still not enough to be relied on for a total safe riding experience.

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 In Malaysia there has been a lot of cases where big bikes owners crashes their bikes due to failing of entering the corners and controlling the bikes at high speed. Some has been less fortunate where permanent damages being inflict into the riders and some even loss their life for it. This is truly sad and unnecessary as some of the incidents may be avoided with a good techniques in handling such bike. With that, a group of riders and professional racers decided to make a different by organizing a “Riding School at Track”

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 The program will be held at the Sepang International Circuit on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2012. Starting from 3pm until 6pm, the “Riding School at Track” participants will be instructed by professional racers like Zamri Baba who was one of the wildcard riders in Malaysian Grand Prix Moto 2 last year and many more. The “Riding School at Track” is definitely a worthy experience to learn and understand the proper way to handle and control a motorcycle so that the riders can enjoy it’s full potential. The event will be open to any kind of bikes and participants must obey the SIC Rules and Regulation such as wearing a full protective gears (Racing Suit, Full face helmet, etc).

  So to those who are able to join this event we truly recommend that you do and gain some extra knowledge on handling your motorcycles regardless if you are an advance riders or a new riders. For more info and registration please contact Shahrul [017] 2424103 or Sharidan [012] 3715504 Stay tune with us Malaysian Riders for more news and updates.

Below video shows how lack of skill in controlling a motorcycle can affect the rider.

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Dani Pedrosa Arrested?

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 Going through pages and pages of news regarding motorcycle around the globe and scribbling through the motorsports section to mark down any interesting topics, it has been a pretty boring day on the writing desk of Malaysian Riders for today’s update. But one particular thing caught our attention, Dani Pedrosa of the Repsol Honda Team from MotoGP has been arrested?

 In a glance, We’d say that this is something else, what could this little Spaniard rider be charged with? and to a surprised conclusion to our reading, It was reported that Dani Pedrosa has been found cheating for his Yachmaster exam. Now that is a news, and a fairly serious news especially coming from a world championship rider for an established team.

 It was reported that he was involved in a group of organization that run a cheating technique for which those who took the exam will have an earpiece, so that they can be assisted during the exam. It may sounds a little bit childish but this is not the case for the Spanish law enforcer. Ultimately, Dani’s lawyer stated that his client apologized for this unethical behavior and regrets it. Dani who is now in Qatar for the opening race of the MotoGP 2012 season.

Ladies of Harley

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It was the evening of 31st March at the Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur , Harley Owner Group (HOG) of Malaysia launched their new line of group which is the “Ladies of Harley” in conjunction with the group’s annual general meeting of 2012.

It was launched by Datin Noor Azah Abd Aziz the wife to Dato’ SM Zulkifli SM Amin Group Chief Operating Officer of NAZA Group of Companies. The launch was set to honour the involvement of women in Malaysia with Harley-Davidson activities.

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The launch of the new group set to demolish all gaps between Harley users especially for the ladies so that together, everyone will have the equality to enjoy the great riding experience of what Harley-Davidson’s offer it’s owners and riders. It certainly viewed by Malaysian Riders as a positive step for our local motorbike scene as this will mark an all new era of perspective to the general public towards motorcycle user.

The night was a glamorous event and accompanied by strong performances from local musicians and artist. Among whom are the rock legend of Malaysia, Awie and also present was the great “Man Kidal” to show off his supreme guitar techniques and melting almost all the attendees of the night.

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Overall, it was a successful night and sure was a very productive action by our local motorcycle scene and we hope more similar and better initiative will be done more in the future not just in Malaysia but all over the globe.


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Malaysia Motorcycle Tour

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Malaysia are now set to become one of the world’s top motorcycle tourism spot. With the recent launch of the tour packages, riders from all over the world can now enjoy a fully guided or self exploration tour around Malaysian Peninsular.

The price for the package seems reasonable and affordable to most common people especially for the Europeans or North Americans tourist out there.

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It’s a great effort for the country to focus on it’s motorcycle tourism industry aside from the motorsports scene like the Formula one or the MotoGP. Malaysia famous for it’s tropical climate and unique geography for being located on the equator is sure to give the riders a pleasurable and memorable riding experience.

So what are you waiting for? visit the Ride Malaysia site and check out the packages and the pricing of the tours and enjoy your visit in a unique way to Malaysia.

Test for Racers

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Saturday, we all need to relax and chill whether it’s outside hanging out with your buddies or just stay at home chilling by yourself or with families. Well anyway, let’s just take a look again at the title. Test for racers? What test are we talking about here? Is it a pre-season test? which is not very unusual for this time of year where most competition are just about to start.

But no, we are not talking about that kind of test. We want to highlight on something else, something ordinary for someone like us but this time it’s for professional racers out there. On a recent update from our motorcycle news counterparts based in Europe (MCN, Visordown), they have a one specific and similar news update where “Danny Kent passes CBT”. What is CBT, let’s just say it is like driving or riding test by JPJ in Malaysia for the “P” license. Only that, CBT limits it’s holder to use up to 125cc bikes for 17 years old and above.

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So why the interest in the subject for Malaysian Riders today? Nothing, like what was stated in the previous paragraph. Let’s just chill out and same for us, we too need some time to chill in our news updates (excuse). Some of you might think, “Ok.. so what.. it’s just a license test”. Well yeah it is just a test, but test for professional racers is quite an interesting topic.By default a racer is should be very good on the track but when it comes to the real world,  will he or she still be good?

It is kinda funny if there is a case of a professional racer fail a license test, is there any case like this? We don’t know for sure but the world is filled with possibilities. Have you ever wonder how did the great Mick Doohan did in his license test. Was he nervous? Did he pass with flying colours? It sure is funny if Michael Schumacher the world champion of Formula 1 failed his driving test.

So what about our local talents like Zulfahmi or Hafiz Syahrin? How did they do on their test, well if you want to know maybe we can try to ask them ourselves. Alright, nothing much left to say just want to wish everyone a happy weekend and to all riders be sure to stay tune with us for more updates and let’s all ride safely.

Memilih Motosikal

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Motosikal adalah sejenis kenderaan beroda dua yang berenjin serta boleh dilesenkan untuk digunakan di atas jalan raya. Sebuah motosikal berupaya membawa seorang penunggang serta seorang pembonceng. Motosikal lazimnya digerakkan oleh enjin petrol kecil sama ada 2 lejang atau 4 lejang dengan kapasiti enjin antara 50 cc sehingga sebesar 2000 cc. Kebanyakan motosikal mempunyai tangki minyak berbentuk air mata di bahagian atas hadapan motosikal antara bar pemegang dan tempat duduk penunggang, tetapi motosikal jenis skuter dan kapcai pula mempunyai tangki minyak di bawah tempat duduk.
Motosikal bergerak berasaskan hukum giroskopik sebagaimana basikal. Melalui hukum ini, motosikal hanya akan tegak apabila bergerak. Ketika di selekoh, daya emparan yang terhasil akan menjejaskan kestabilan motosikal, oleh itu penunggang perlu menunggang condong sedikit mengikut arah selekoh bagi mengimbangi daya emparan tersebut.
Selain kestabilan, kelemahan utama motosikal ialah tiada perlindungan terhadap cuaca buruk serta penunggang motosikal amat mudah terdedah kepada risiko kemalangan jalan raya. Sungguhpun demikian, motosikal adalah satu bentuk pengangkutan yang tetap diminati oleh sebahagian pengguna jalan raya kerana menjimatkan bahan api, murah, mudah dimiliki serta penunggang boleh mencelah ketika jalan raya sesak.
Sejarah motosikal bermula apabila manusia cuba untuk memasang enjin pada basikal. Berikutan dengan itulah terhasilnya motosikal pertama di dunia yang digerakkan oleh enjin wap, diikuti dengan motosikal yang menggunakan enjin petrol pada akhir kurun ke-19. Sejak daripada itulah rekaan motosikal terus berevolusi mengikut zaman sehinggalah kepada model-model motosikal terkini yang dapat kita lihat pada hari ini.
Motosikal berkuasa petrol terawal dicipta oleh Gottlieb Daimler dan Wilhelm Maybach pada tahun 1885. Hanya pada tahun 1894 motosikal mula dijual kepada orang ramai dan model pertama yang dijual adalah Hildebrand & Wolfmüller buatan Jerman.

Sejarah awal motosikal bermula di benua Eropah dan Amerika Syarikat, namun pada hari ini industri motosikal sebahagian besarnya dikuasai oleh pengeluar-pengeluar dari Jepun sepertiHonda, Yamaha, Suzuki dan Kawasaki. Malaysia juga tidak ketinggalan untuk mengeluarkan motosikal sendiri melalui penubuhan Modenas pada tahun 1995.

Teruskan pembacaan disini

Disediakan Oleh: Abdul Hafiz

Insurans dan Anda

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Kali ini, kami ingin berkongsi bersama sedikit ilmu yang ada buat semua pengguna kenderaan di Malaysia dan khususnya kepada pengguna motosikal.

Isu insurans ini sering dipandang remeh oleh sesetengah individu dan ini perlu diperingatkan kepada mereka bahawa kepentingan memahami tentang konsep insurans ini.

image credited to http://roadsafety.co.za

Artikel ini disediakan oleh salah seorang penulis dari Malaysian Riders dan beliau sedikit sebanyak mempunyai pengalaman dan ilmu dalam bidang insurans ini.

Sila teruskan pembacaan anda disini: INSURANS DAN ANDA

1 Malaysia Chopper

Gambar Hiasan

We’ve been talking about the 1 Malaysia chopper with quite a hype for the past few days. Today, the unveiling happen and sadly, us Malaysian Riders were tight up with other chores.

So we missed the presentation ceremony by Paul Senior of Orange County Chopper and Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

In conjunction with tourism Malaysia, the bike was intended to promote bike tourism in Malaysia. Other than that, it was just filled with lots of bikers to catch a glimpse on the chopper itself.

We don’t want to say anything about it and we prefer that you be the judge by looking at it in our video here.