Yamaha Safety Campaign: 16th Edition

The safety awareness demonstration being conducted by YSRS

Kuala Lumpur, 8th July 2014 – Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd (46829-P) (HLYM) launched its 16th Yamaha Balik Kampung Road Safety Campaign 2014. Jointly organised by HLYM and the Malaysia Motorcycle & Scooter Dealers Association (MMSDA), the road safety campaign themed “Brek Cermat, Balik Selamat”, echoed the magnitude of understanding the motorcycle’s brake function, condition and limitations. It also highlighted how vital it is to take a break when on a long journey back to the kampung during the festive season of Hari Raya.

The Deputy Minister of Transport, Yang Berhormat Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi, was there to officiate the launch at Sungai Besi Toll Plaza. It was evident during the event that performing maintenance of motorcycles regularly and having sufficient rest before and during a long ride were the main focus for this year’s campaign. These steps significantly help to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure riders’ safety which are essentially the key messages that Hong Leong Yamaha Motor hopes to spread to the entire nation. During the event, a free 15 point safety check on all brands of motorcycles as well as offering of advice to motorcyclists on the importance of periodic maintenance were conducted as they have been for the past 16 years. Another staple of the campaign is the Yamaha Safety Riding Science demonstration (YSRS) that is aimed at educating motorcyclists on safety riding skills from a scientific approach. The demonstration will be carried out at all five locations, starting from Sungai Besi Toll Plaza, this year.

YB Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi  being briefed on the 15-point safety check

This year’s theme “Brek Cermat, Balik Selamat” weighs in on the emphasis of skill, knowledge and better understanding of using the correct braking techniques. The campaign articulated the function of a brake, effects of braking and braking techniques in its attempt to reach out to riders all over Malaysia. “Understanding the capability and limitations of oneself also plays a big part in keeping safe. Arming yourself with merely the knowledge on how your motorcycle functions is certainly not enough,” said Mr. C.H Ng, Managing Director of Hong Leong Yamaha Motor. “The rider must also ensure the body and mind are not over-exhausted. If rest is necessary, then taking that break is far more important than reaching the destination fast.”

A strong support group that has continuously been committed to making this campaign a success are the Road Safety Department of Malaysia (JKJR), Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ), Ministry of Transport (MOT) and other relevant agencies. After all, aimed at educating all motorcyclists to inculcate safe riding habits and to prioritize vehicle maintenance certainly makes for a great campaign to hold close to the heart during this festive season.

YB Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi browsing through various helmets on display

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The Dark Side of Japan: Yamaha MT-09


It’s more like, the darker side of Japanese motorcycle manufacturer; Yamaha. The long awaited or the highly anticipated and quite highly hyped by the media outside of Malaysia; the MT-09 is here, in Malaysia officially that is. Hong Leong Yamaha unveiled their big bike entry for the year 2014 with a bang (literally, the audio of the video presentation was loud) and was welcomed by everyone attended the event with open arms. As for us in Malaysian Riders, this is exciting news to all of us in the team and to you viewers.(More motorcycle to be filmed! yeay!!)


The announcement made by Yamaha Malaysia comes to no surprise to most of us here in Malaysia or that is what actually going through our mind. It’s about time that Yamaha Malaysia join the ever growing and competitive motorcycle market here in our Boleh Land. MT-09 will be made available starting the following week from it’s unveiling today (25th June of 2014) and people, please get excited about that and ready your pocket for more cash-fat burner that comes in the shape of exciting inline 3 847cc Japanese agile motorcycle.


But here is the catch, the bike will be made available with only a very limited amount here and we are talking very-very-very limited. It seems like a good strategy by these people in Yamaha and they know that they need those initiator to start the trend going. The MT-09 comes to the dealership with CBU first with the CKD is to come in the later year. The price said was RM54,000 dead and that does not includes those road taxes and insurance. Well that is quite cheap considering that it competes in the range of that certain green brand from Japan too.


The development of the MT-09 that has been brought to our attention by those international media had certainly made the bike well-marinated for our motorcycle industry here in Malaysia. So we do encourage to all of you readers and of course our loyal and awesome fans to head out to bookstores near you in the few months to come to get a local opinion from our media friends out there. That is all for now, we’ll be there to answer your questions or inquiries if there is any. Please do stay tune with us on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.

Safety without Discipline is Just Stupid


It has come to our attention on the recent news of our friends and acquaintance from the world of two wheels and motorsports that lost their lives due to a motorcycle related incident. As usual, our thoughts and prayers go to them and we hope that it will serve us as a reminder that death is always around the corner. No matter who and where you are, it will come to greet you; eventually.  But we are not here to discuss about death, we are here to discuss about the day that you cheated death and escape with whatever outcomes there is. So to start it off, we would like to remind all of our readers here just to take our words with open mind and open heart. We didn’t ask you to agree nor to disagree with us, but like the famous National Geographic tagline; all that we want you to do is to THINK AGAIN.

After years and years of experience from the world of motorsports and two wheels by the people in Malaysian Riders and it’s associates combined. It is safe to say that we have heard countless story on how a rider loss his or her ability to live their life as they knew it after such horrific incident. Some of them are not just story, some of them really occurred to a family member of our associates. Our concern here is about how some or most of our riders here in Malaysia take safety and discipline in riding as two separate focus. The reality is, both safety and discipline are just too important to neglect any one of them. Riders here in Malaysia are just lucky that they have a variety of safety gears to get from all kind of ranges and brands. Discipline on the other hand is not an easy thing to get, you can’t buy it from a store or get it online; but there is a way to implant it into them and that is through education.

Therefore, us in Malaysian Riders feels somewhat responsible towards educating riders from all kind of age about the importance of discipline. Without one, it is just plain stupid to ride even if you are wearing a million dollar riding suit. There are some people who say that when you wear a proper gear, it puts you into a GOD LIKE mode till that you feel nothing can hurt you. This is where discipline plays a huge role to the rider; it controls your thoughts and put you back down to earth so that you will have more respect towards the machine, the surrounding and yourself while riding. We’ve witnessed a lot of arrogant riders or probably just ignorant riders who are wearing thousands of Ringgit worth of jacket or helmets and rode fast on the highway as if there were no other road users sharing the same exact road. This is just plain stupid. Sure you can have or brag about being the most skillful rider among your circle and brag on how many times you’ve lapped the Sepang circuit. But that doesn’t mean or grant you the rights to be doing 200km/h on the open road.

image credited to jonsoliday.typepad.com

image credited to jonsoliday.typepad.com

There are so many people on the open road who are sharing the exact same tarmac with you, so it is wise for us as riders to have more respect towards the other road users as well. When we say respect, it is more likely for us to just being defensive most of the time. We will not go into those drivers ethic in this article, so let’s just assume that there are more ignorant and reckless drivers on the road than those proper drivers. Of course the reality will probably be different but for the sake of your own safety; let’s just exaggerate it for a while. It is okay to anticipate but it is not okay to assume while riding. One of our test rider made a mistake in assuming that his path was clear as he had the green light from the traffic at the time, that one silly mistake turns tragic when a car suddenly cross the red light that it was on which resulted to collision that cause an 8 months bikeless period for him. So back with anticipation, let’s just make it into one of your riding habit to anticipate a sudden change of path by a car or lorry driver up front.

Aside from that, we are quite amazed to see how unfit some of our riders are here in Malaysia. We are not discussing about how big is your belly or how amazingly huge you are comparing to your bike, no; we are simply discussing about the endurance of yourself on the bike for a long distance riding or extreme riding on track or on the twistiest. When you are tired,the first thing that will go is your concentration and that leads to mistakes in judging distance or speed or even back to the inaccurate of anticipation. These are all connected and are all very-very critical towards a rider. It is really up to the rider themselves to improve their endurance or fitness. Get yourself on a bicycle or make it a habit to jog around your housing area twice or three times a week so that you will at least improve the level of endurance to your mind and body.

image captured by Pat Smith - MSS Rd.1 2014

image captured by Pat Smith – MSS Rd.1 2014

We’ve discussed mostly on general issues for now and admittedly, the writing is probably not the best in the world to read. But we are pretty sure, we are touching on a very important issue to our riders here. Although we’re discussing mainly on the Malaysians but this goes the same to wherever you are. Discipline is a must in order for you to become a rider and don’t let it take away the fun and joy of riding. Simply put it as an essential thing to have before you go on your daily commuting or even your weekend riding. We do understand that there are more to say and there are even more for us to do here in Malaysian Riders. But as for now, let’s just take one step at a time.

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Missing Brands in Malaysian Riders

Coming into the 3rd year of our operation in Malaysian Riders, we have certainly grown from a very small self-encourage and self-excited motoring organization into a growing motoring show brand here in Malaysia and hopefully the world. Despite the growth, understandably; we are still way way behind compared to those bigger organization like Cycle World, MCN or even our own inspiration the BBC Top Gear. Therefore, we enjoy a smaller amount of vehicles or motorcycle to be featured into our motoring show.

That aside, we are still highly motivated to continue working towards improving and bringing in different feels and perspective towards motoring news and information that we share with everyone out there. Our focus in 2014 will be to bring as many motorcycle brand into the show and expressing a variety of choices for our viewers to enjoy our content based on the brands that they really like. We do understand that our position and size might not be as big as the mentioned brands up there. But we are sure, that if every single brand can be included into the show; we’ll be able to get more and more quality supporter from our lovely nation and the rest of the world.

MV Agusta


Now this is a brand that is actually have been missing from our show even when there is actually an episode where the brand was featured. The episode shows an MV Agusta going against a Kawasaki and that was pretty much the only bike we have from the Italian exotic in 2013. The connection between the brand and our organization never really existed in the first place and we are surely hoping that the people who handles the brand here in Malaysia will be able to come on board the new 2014 season of our MR Motorcycle Show.

Triump Motorcycle


Probably the most exciting brand that we never have the privilege of getting it into our show. Not that we haven’t tried, but it seems really hard for us to penetrate the brand’s class to even bring it into the show. Triumph motorcycle holds a strangely great quality in terms of their product and technology used for their products, and that alone gives a high quality of news and information to talk about among the local and international motoring media alike. But to us, we can’t really say anything solid if we haven’t tried it at all. Hopefully, somehow this year we’ll be able to bring at least one episode where Triumph be the main focus of the show. {Finger crossed for that]

Moto Guzzi


Now this is a little bit sad. Malaysian Riders was among the first and we are probably the most excited about the brand coming here or making an official stand here in Malaysia back in 2012. But it never really took off from that enthusiasm, it simply remain in the year 2012 for us with the Guzzi. We are still working out a way to get this brand on board our show and hopefully, the year 2014 will be the year where we see that happen.  To any Guzzi owners out there, we are opening our door to have some Teh Tarik session with you for a little bit of in-depth study of your interest.



This is sad, Suzuki is the only Japanese brand that we love so much but never got the chance to do a piece on it. Since they haven’t really got any bike for us to test, we simply have no clue on what to do with this brand. With the news of the CBU models to be focused more this year, we are certainly hoping for a little room to be part of that movement and getting it into our show. Well, at least we can try to make everyone sees that Suzuki is still one of the best motorcycle manufacturer in the world; even if their reputation is not as highly praised as that.



Now this brand, we have made a piece on it before and this year. We are making sure that it’ll be featured into our show. With our collaboration with Motomalaya.Net, we are looking to create an interesting story about the Japanese brand that is very famous to most Malaysian and doubtfully to all the GP fans. With Yamaha, we are looking to decide on which model to feature for this year’s show and hopefully it will be as exciting as the our spirit for 2014 motorcycle show.

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2014 for Malaysian Riders

random photo 1

random photo 1

This will be a short heads up for everyone that has been relentless in following our progress maybe since the first day of our involvement with the automotive industry. It has been a great journey for us back in 2013 and now we will be moving towards creating a different and hopefully better Malaysian Riders motorcycle show in 2014.

The film made below express the truth and honest reason behind WHY our organization exist in the first place. The team in Malaysian Riders would really appreciate if everyone can watch it and understand why we did what we did. Hopefully, everything will be clearer to all our fellow riders and viewers out there in understanding our approach in creating our contents.

For 2014, we shall be taking a short break in the early months of 2014 for us to re-shape ourselves and get into the pre-production process for the entire 2014 series of our motoring show. We really hope that everyone will stay tune with us in the future as we are excited in bringing in new way of our motoring show. We shall be making a few more announcements in the future and we really hope that you’ll be aware of it too.

random photo 2

random photo 2

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Final Round of Cubprix 2013

Some photos captured from the lens of our photo reporting team at the recent final round of the Malaysia Cubprix 2013.

Picture 008 Picture 001 Picture 002 Picture 003 Picture 004 Picture 005 Picture 006 Picture 007

Get ready for the 2014 Cubprix, we are working on it to create a full season alternate show of the Malaysia Cubprix 2014. Looking forward to it, all for the development of local motorsports industry. Don’t forget to subscribe for us in Malaysian Riders and LIKE our Page to get fresh new updates.

Yamaha R25 Unveiled


Good news to the fans of Yamaha motorcycle as the rumors of a 250cc motorbike from the Japanese firm is now confirmed with the unveiling of the bike which turns out to be named as R25. The unveiling was done through the video and the bike was made available for viewing during the Tokyo Motorshow which we never actually go to. But a great news like this cannot stay hidden for long as lots of other motoring blogs and portal starts spreading the story like a virus.

From us in Malaysian Riders, this was anticipated long before during our MR News series and now it turns out to be a true development. To think of it, it would be crazy for Yamaha to not taking part in the 200cc class as the market in the segment is certainly growing worldwide. With the economy and global financial at a pretty much doubtful status which we may not very well aware of, it is only logical for consumers out there to opt for a smaller yet powerful enough bike to be used as an everyday horse.

The Yamaha 250cc motorcycle was previously rumored to be named as the R4 but with the official Yamaha released the video online, it is now confirmed that the bike will be named as the R25. It sounded better and we really think it can be a huge challenge to the market which is now being dominated by the three big names and they are Kawasaki, Honda and KTM. Certainly there are lots of other motorcycle out there but these 3 is up there at the top in our opinion.


The upcoming years of motoring shall be even greater with the Yamaha taking it’s participation in the beginners market with the 2 cylinder 250cc R25 motorbike here. Surely, the target segment is for those who are looking into sportsbike configuration machine rather than a naked bike. This shall be a great story for us to follow and we shall now wait for the people in Yamaha in stepping up their promotion on this mean looking bike. For taht, we urged you readers to stay tune with us by LIKING our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBING to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

2013 Supermoto Championship

image credited to Fonzi (contributor of Malaysian Riders)

image credited to Fonzi (contributor of Malaysian Riders)

On the 17th of November 2013, our team has been dispatched to the USJ Speedway Plus with a mission of getting the feel of the Supermoto racing in our country. The Malaysian Supermoto Championship by Bike Nation and it’s partners clearly shows that the racing was fast, hot and exciting all at the same time. The hotness of the event was due to our climate which is normally always hot and humid all year long. That aside, we were pretty excited to be part of the event.

Not a lot for us to say from our short stint at the event as we were busy trying to get the most exciting shots from the riders competing in all categories. One thing for sure, we had more fun in covering such race rather than the all boring Malaysian Super Series. Well, we tried to be part of MSS before and tried to work out in getting more people to come but it just didn’t work. It’s a whole different story for the Supermoto racing which sees the crowds reaction and support to the race and all the cheers when the riders went into a hectic situation on track.

Our team had to leave early as they had another crucial assignment for Malaysian Riders and they went back with one thing in mind. They are sure to be back at the upcoming supermoto racing championship to witness the awesome racing displayed by the mixed of local and international riders. Be sure to check out our slow motion video and get a glimpse of the racing happening here in our lovely nation of Malaysia. Till next time, please do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more of our contents in the future.

Aprilia RS4 250?


It’s been a while since we last discussed about the name Aprilia on our show or even here in our news updates. To be honest, we haven’t heard a lot of news from them and the last was probably a piece on the new Caponord. We do know that the SRV850 is now available in Malaysia but we haven’t really got any news update from Aprilia Malaysia or any news at all which is kinda sad.

But the main point of today’s update is regarding the rumors that has been around for quite some time now. Only recently, with the excitement of below 400cc world coming from the KTM, Kawasaki and Yamaha. The rumors of Aprilia joining in the 250 battle rises to another level with discussions in automotive forums all over the world and not to forget some of the international media speculations regarding the Aprilia development of such bike.

In our Aprilia RS4 125 film review which was not really a review due to the fact of such limited time we had on the bike, we did mentioned about the 250 segment for the Aprilia. The world of small beginners bike is now getting bigger and bigger with manufacturers like the Triumph are also looking into the small displacement market. From our point of view, this can only mean much more exciting bikes to talk about in the future and more choice for the market to decide on which model suits them best.

Aprilia officially haven’t said a word about their development on the 250 but the rumors somehow got back into the spotlight from people of the automotive industry. We wouldn’t want to say more about the rumors but we really think that it is about time the Aprilia introduce back their ability to capture the small displacement market. The RS125 and RS250 was a great success in our opinion but due to the change of time and technology, the 2-stroke world is no longer a place for manufacturers to visit anymore.


As for now, we have to wait on what will the Italian manufacturer say about this matter in the future. We really hope that the involvement of Aprilia in the 250 market can boost the competition in pursue of the best beginners bike of the future and probably joining back to the world championship like the new Moto 3 class too. That’s it for now, stay tune with us for more info and news regarding this topic in the future. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our FACEBOOK PAGE and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

YZF-R250 confirmed


It has been quite a while since we last heard the news about Yamaha venturing into the small displacement contention. It seems that in that period of absence from the world news, Yamaha is slowly developing their own 250cc contender to go against the CBR250 and the market leader Kawasaki 250R. From our source, the CEO of Indian Yamaha had finally confirmed the rumors that has been going around for quite a while.

the 150cc R15 exported to Japan

the 150cc R15 exported to Japan

From that, we are sure to see that the Japanese firm will be focusing their Indian territory as the location to develop this small sportsbike and it is set to be launched in 2014. Well, it is not as early as we would expected but still when the CEO made the announcement that does mean it is real now.

the rumors of the bike.. we love the way it looks...

the rumors of the bike.. we love the way it looks…

No real explanation on the bike for now and we have no idea what kind of engine that it will be using. But the thing is, it is highly likely to be almost similar to the current range of CBR250 and the Ninja 250R. It is an exciting news for us and we do hope that the model will be internationally exported rather than just dedicated for the Indian market. The firm’s in India is now testing some of the smaller bike with the other market such as Japan to see whether it can capture a little bit of the market share.

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