Missing Brands in Malaysian Riders

Coming into the 3rd year of our operation in Malaysian Riders, we have certainly grown from a very small self-encourage and self-excited motoring organization into a growing motoring show brand here in Malaysia and hopefully the world. Despite the growth, understandably; we are still way way behind compared to those bigger organization like Cycle World, MCN or even our own inspiration the BBC Top Gear. Therefore, we enjoy a smaller amount of vehicles or motorcycle to be featured into our motoring show.

That aside, we are still highly motivated to continue working towards improving and bringing in different feels and perspective towards motoring news and information that we share with everyone out there. Our focus in 2014 will be to bring as many motorcycle brand into the show and expressing a variety of choices for our viewers to enjoy our content based on the brands that they really like. We do understand that our position and size might not be as big as the mentioned brands up there. But we are sure, that if every single brand can be included into the show; we’ll be able to get more and more quality supporter from our lovely nation and the rest of the world.

MV Agusta


Now this is a brand that is actually have been missing from our show even when there is actually an episode where the brand was featured. The episode shows an MV Agusta going against a Kawasaki and that was pretty much the only bike we have from the Italian exotic in 2013. The connection between the brand and our organization never really existed in the first place and we are surely hoping that the people who handles the brand here in Malaysia will be able to come on board the new 2014 season of our MR Motorcycle Show.

Triump Motorcycle


Probably the most exciting brand that we never have the privilege of getting it into our show. Not that we haven’t tried, but it seems really hard for us to penetrate the brand’s class to even bring it into the show. Triumph motorcycle holds a strangely great quality in terms of their product and technology used for their products, and that alone gives a high quality of news and information to talk about among the local and international motoring media alike. But to us, we can’t really say anything solid if we haven’t tried it at all. Hopefully, somehow this year we’ll be able to bring at least one episode where Triumph be the main focus of the show. {Finger crossed for that]

Moto Guzzi


Now this is a little bit sad. Malaysian Riders was among the first and we are probably the most excited about the brand coming here or making an official stand here in Malaysia back in 2012. But it never really took off from that enthusiasm, it simply remain in the year 2012 for us with the Guzzi. We are still working out a way to get this brand on board our show and hopefully, the year 2014 will be the year where we see that happen.  To any Guzzi owners out there, we are opening our door to have some Teh Tarik session with you for a little bit of in-depth study of your interest.



This is sad, Suzuki is the only Japanese brand that we love so much but never got the chance to do a piece on it. Since they haven’t really got any bike for us to test, we simply have no clue on what to do with this brand. With the news of the CBU models to be focused more this year, we are certainly hoping for a little room to be part of that movement and getting it into our show. Well, at least we can try to make everyone sees that Suzuki is still one of the best motorcycle manufacturer in the world; even if their reputation is not as highly praised as that.



Now this brand, we have made a piece on it before and this year. We are making sure that it’ll be featured into our show. With our collaboration with Motomalaya.Net, we are looking to create an interesting story about the Japanese brand that is very famous to most Malaysian and doubtfully to all the GP fans. With Yamaha, we are looking to decide on which model to feature for this year’s show and hopefully it will be as exciting as the our spirit for 2014 motorcycle show.

Understandably, there are lots of other brand out there that we haven’t really feature into the show. But here are just a few that is pretty major for us. So, 2014; what will happen to our motoring show this year really depends on how much the support will be given by both the manufacturers and you awesome viewers out there. Therefore, we are pleading that all of you viewers to help us out in getting more views and likes and whatsoever for this year’s MR Motorcycle show. Certainly, help us out in getting pass that 2,000,000 mark. To do so, you can start by LIKING our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBING to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Don’t forget to spread the love to all of your friends too.

2014 for Malaysian Riders

random photo 1

random photo 1

This will be a short heads up for everyone that has been relentless in following our progress maybe since the first day of our involvement with the automotive industry. It has been a great journey for us back in 2013 and now we will be moving towards creating a different and hopefully better Malaysian Riders motorcycle show in 2014.

The film made below express the truth and honest reason behind WHY our organization exist in the first place. The team in Malaysian Riders would really appreciate if everyone can watch it and understand why we did what we did. Hopefully, everything will be clearer to all our fellow riders and viewers out there in understanding our approach in creating our contents.

For 2014, we shall be taking a short break in the early months of 2014 for us to re-shape ourselves and get into the pre-production process for the entire 2014 series of our motoring show. We really hope that everyone will stay tune with us in the future as we are excited in bringing in new way of our motoring show. We shall be making a few more announcements in the future and we really hope that you’ll be aware of it too.

random photo 2

random photo 2

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Final Round of Cubprix 2013

Some photos captured from the lens of our photo reporting team at the recent final round of the Malaysia Cubprix 2013.

Picture 008 Picture 001 Picture 002 Picture 003 Picture 004 Picture 005 Picture 006 Picture 007

Get ready for the 2014 Cubprix, we are working on it to create a full season alternate show of the Malaysia Cubprix 2014. Looking forward to it, all for the development of local motorsports industry. Don’t forget to subscribe for us in Malaysian Riders and LIKE our Page to get fresh new updates.

Yamaha R25 Unveiled


Good news to the fans of Yamaha motorcycle as the rumors of a 250cc motorbike from the Japanese firm is now confirmed with the unveiling of the bike which turns out to be named as R25. The unveiling was done through the video and the bike was made available for viewing during the Tokyo Motorshow which we never actually go to. But a great news like this cannot stay hidden for long as lots of other motoring blogs and portal starts spreading the story like a virus.

From us in Malaysian Riders, this was anticipated long before during our MR News series and now it turns out to be a true development. To think of it, it would be crazy for Yamaha to not taking part in the 200cc class as the market in the segment is certainly growing worldwide. With the economy and global financial at a pretty much doubtful status which we may not very well aware of, it is only logical for consumers out there to opt for a smaller yet powerful enough bike to be used as an everyday horse.

The Yamaha 250cc motorcycle was previously rumored to be named as the R4 but with the official Yamaha released the video online, it is now confirmed that the bike will be named as the R25. It sounded better and we really think it can be a huge challenge to the market which is now being dominated by the three big names and they are Kawasaki, Honda and KTM. Certainly there are lots of other motorcycle out there but these 3 is up there at the top in our opinion.


The upcoming years of motoring shall be even greater with the Yamaha taking it’s participation in the beginners market with the 2 cylinder 250cc R25 motorbike here. Surely, the target segment is for those who are looking into sportsbike configuration machine rather than a naked bike. This shall be a great story for us to follow and we shall now wait for the people in Yamaha in stepping up their promotion on this mean looking bike. For taht, we urged you readers to stay tune with us by LIKING our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBING to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

2013 Supermoto Championship

image credited to Fonzi (contributor of Malaysian Riders)

image credited to Fonzi (contributor of Malaysian Riders)

On the 17th of November 2013, our team has been dispatched to the USJ Speedway Plus with a mission of getting the feel of the Supermoto racing in our country. The Malaysian Supermoto Championship by Bike Nation and it’s partners clearly shows that the racing was fast, hot and exciting all at the same time. The hotness of the event was due to our climate which is normally always hot and humid all year long. That aside, we were pretty excited to be part of the event.

Not a lot for us to say from our short stint at the event as we were busy trying to get the most exciting shots from the riders competing in all categories. One thing for sure, we had more fun in covering such race rather than the all boring Malaysian Super Series. Well, we tried to be part of MSS before and tried to work out in getting more people to come but it just didn’t work. It’s a whole different story for the Supermoto racing which sees the crowds reaction and support to the race and all the cheers when the riders went into a hectic situation on track.

Our team had to leave early as they had another crucial assignment for Malaysian Riders and they went back with one thing in mind. They are sure to be back at the upcoming supermoto racing championship to witness the awesome racing displayed by the mixed of local and international riders. Be sure to check out our slow motion video and get a glimpse of the racing happening here in our lovely nation of Malaysia. Till next time, please do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more of our contents in the future.

Aprilia RS4 250?


It’s been a while since we last discussed about the name Aprilia on our show or even here in our news updates. To be honest, we haven’t heard a lot of news from them and the last was probably a piece on the new Caponord. We do know that the SRV850 is now available in Malaysia but we haven’t really got any news update from Aprilia Malaysia or any news at all which is kinda sad.

But the main point of today’s update is regarding the rumors that has been around for quite some time now. Only recently, with the excitement of below 400cc world coming from the KTM, Kawasaki and Yamaha. The rumors of Aprilia joining in the 250 battle rises to another level with discussions in automotive forums all over the world and not to forget some of the international media speculations regarding the Aprilia development of such bike.

In our Aprilia RS4 125 film review which was not really a review due to the fact of such limited time we had on the bike, we did mentioned about the 250 segment for the Aprilia. The world of small beginners bike is now getting bigger and bigger with manufacturers like the Triumph are also looking into the small displacement market. From our point of view, this can only mean much more exciting bikes to talk about in the future and more choice for the market to decide on which model suits them best.

Aprilia officially haven’t said a word about their development on the 250 but the rumors somehow got back into the spotlight from people of the automotive industry. We wouldn’t want to say more about the rumors but we really think that it is about time the Aprilia introduce back their ability to capture the small displacement market. The RS125 and RS250 was a great success in our opinion but due to the change of time and technology, the 2-stroke world is no longer a place for manufacturers to visit anymore.


As for now, we have to wait on what will the Italian manufacturer say about this matter in the future. We really hope that the involvement of Aprilia in the 250 market can boost the competition in pursue of the best beginners bike of the future and probably joining back to the world championship like the new Moto 3 class too. That’s it for now, stay tune with us for more info and news regarding this topic in the future. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our FACEBOOK PAGE and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

YZF-R250 confirmed


It has been quite a while since we last heard the news about Yamaha venturing into the small displacement contention. It seems that in that period of absence from the world news, Yamaha is slowly developing their own 250cc contender to go against the CBR250 and the market leader Kawasaki 250R. From our source, the CEO of Indian Yamaha had finally confirmed the rumors that has been going around for quite a while.

the 150cc R15 exported to Japan

the 150cc R15 exported to Japan

From that, we are sure to see that the Japanese firm will be focusing their Indian territory as the location to develop this small sportsbike and it is set to be launched in 2014. Well, it is not as early as we would expected but still when the CEO made the announcement that does mean it is real now.

the rumors of the bike.. we love the way it looks...

the rumors of the bike.. we love the way it looks…

No real explanation on the bike for now and we have no idea what kind of engine that it will be using. But the thing is, it is highly likely to be almost similar to the current range of CBR250 and the Ninja 250R. It is an exciting news for us and we do hope that the model will be internationally exported rather than just dedicated for the Indian market. The firm’s in India is now testing some of the smaller bike with the other market such as Japan to see whether it can capture a little bit of the market share.

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Makin Suram

Industri automotif negara khususnya permotoran bagi jentera 2-tayar telah diperkenalkan lebih dari 17 tahun terdahulu dengan penubuhan syarikat Motosikal dan Enjin Nasional yang dilancarkan pada tahun 1995. Syarikat ini diberi kepercayaan bagi menjadi pemangkin kepada industri kejuruteraan enjin bagi memacu ekonomi negara dalam sasaran menjadi negara maju.

Namun, setelah melepasi lebih 10 tahun negara Malaysia mempunyai kepakaran untuk pembikinan jentera 2 tayar kita masih belum dapat mencapai tahap yang membanggakan. Kami tidak menyangkalkan bahawa ia merupakan industri yang sukar bagi sesebuah organisasi untuk menembusi pasaran yang sememangnya mempunyai daya saing yang tinggi dan permintaan kualiti yang sangat teliti.

Dari aspek apa yang menjadi penelitian dari pasaran tempatan? Mengikut pemerhatian kami tentang pasaran Malaysia, pengguna disini lebih memfokuskan terhadap penampilan atau nilai estetika tetapi harga juga menjadi aspek yang penting untuk menjadi kompetetif. Tetapi, ia sukar untuk dikecapi apabila harga yang diharapkan menjadi faktor negatif terhadap kompromi dalam aspek kualiti kerja.

Adakah industri permotoran 2 tayar di Malaysia menjadi kurang meriah dengan kekurangan penyertaan dari syarikat tempatan kedalam industri ini. Kesuraman industri ini kami rasakan menjadi penyebab kenapa kurangnya daya kompetetif dari syarikat luar dalam membuat saingan kompetetif untuk pasaran tempatan. Jadi apa pun, kami harapkan pasaran motosikal di Malaysia akan dapat menjadi lebih meriah dan dipenuhi dengan persaingan antara syarikat-syarikat motosikal ini.

Yamaha XJ6 Untuk 2013

Berita gembira buat peminat jentera Yamaha XJ6 di seluruh dunia, Yamaha bakal mengeluarkan XJ6, Diversion dan Diversion F dengan kemaskini baru bagi model 2013 yang akan datang. Ia bakal menggegar pasaran dalam masa yang terdekat, namun begitu kemaskini terbaru dari Yamaha tersebut bukanlah sesuatu yang drastik. Ia lebih menyentuh kepada bahigan kosmetik sahaja.

Walaupun ia hanya kemaskini yang kecil jika ingin dibandingkan dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh Kawasaki kepada jentera ER6 atau Ninja 650 mereka yang diberikan nafas baru pada tahun ini. Namun begitu, untuk model XJ6 ini Yamaha perlu lakukan sesuatu yang lebih drastik dan agresif pada tahun yang mendatang atau lebih baik, memperkenalkan model baru secara keseluruhan bagi menggantikan jentera tersebut.

Tiada spekulasi yang perlu dilakukan terhadap kemaskini ini kerana ia sememangnya boleh diperolehi tidak lama lagi dan peminat jentera ini hanya perlu menunggu bagi ia memasuki pasaran Malaysia. Apapun, teruskan bersama kami di Malaysian Riders dan sila LIKE laman Facebook dan ikuti Channel Youtube kami untuk mendapatkan berita dari kami dengan lebih mudah.

Rossi Sah Milik Yamaha

image credited to portale.it

Valentino Rossi, penunggang yang menjadi fenomena apabila mencipta nama dengan menjadi juara dunia sebanyak 7-kali sememangnya sukar untuk hilang dari bibir-bibir peminat sukan permotoran. Nama beliau telah menjadi bahan celoteh berjuta-juta artikel dari pihak media seluruh dunia dengan setiap kali ada cerita tentang dirinya pasti akan menjadi tumpuan. Namun, kebelakangan ini nama beliau sedikit suram sejak menyertai pasukan Ducati apabila persembahannya kurang berjaya dengan pasukan pembuat motosikal dari Itali tersebut.

Kesukaran mengekalkan persembahan sebagai penunggang berkelas juara dunia bersama pasukan Ducati itu mungkin sedikit sebanyak memaksa dirinya untuk berhijrah sekali lagi bagi memastikan kariernya sebagai pelumba akan ditamatkan dengan gemilang. Khabar berita yang sebelum ini mengatakan bahawa Rossi akan pulang ke pangkuan pasukan lamanya iaitu Yamaha kini terjawab apabila mereka telah mengumumkan secara rasmi bahawa Rossi akan menyertai pasukan untuk musim 2013 dan 2014.

Kemasukan Rossi kedalam pasukan Yamaha ini dikatakan akan membawa penajaan baru  dan ia juga akan meletakkan dirinya semula kedalam antara pencabar untuk kejuaraan dunia dengan jentera yang lebih dia fahami. Sekembalinya Rossi kedalam pasukan Yamaha akan meletakkan dirinya seiring dengan bekas rakan sepasukannya Jorge Lorenzo dan ini bakal menghangat saingan antara dua pelumba tersebut. Bercakap tentang saingan, sememangnya seluruh peminat penunggang no.46 ini akan mengharapkan dia akan kembali bersaing bersama kelompok hadapan dan tidak lagi sekadar menjadi pelengkap perlumbaan.

Kemasukan Valentino Rossi kedalam pasukan Yamaha juga akan digunakan kesempatan tersebut oleh Yamaha untuk menjalankan proses pembanggunan jentera YZF-R1 akan datang mereka.  Ini juga seiring dengan jangkaan bahawa Yamaha akan kembali kedalam perlumbaan “World Superbike Championship” dengan jentera barunya. Tahun 2015 juga dikatakan bahawa Rossi akan berpindah masuk ke kejuaraan dunia tersebut dan kemungkinan besar usaha samanya bersama Yamaha akan menyaksikan penunggang Itali itu akan kekal bersama Yamaha sehingga kedalam kejuaraan WSBK itu.

Teruskan bersama kami di Malaysian Riders untuk mendapatkan info terkini mengenai arena permotoran tempatan dan antarabangsa. Sila “Like” laman Facebook kami dan ikuti laman Youtube kami untuk lebih mudah mengikuti perkembangan Malaysian Riders.