Z250: Kawasaki Baby Naked


Going the distance is really a suitable phrases for Kawasaki in this situation where they are really making a huge effort in trying to capture the market of a small and practical bikes for daily usage. The new Z250 was officially unveiled not too far away from our shore which is in Indonesia and it is anticipated to be here in Malaysia not too long from now. But as for now, we haven’t really got any official words from the people of Kawasaki Malaysia regarding this bike here.

The new Z250 is basically a Ninja 250 with the fairing replaced with a Z800 looks and that is basically it. We already expecting the International media from the European segment are starting to discuss about the possibility of a Z300 being manufactured to really suit their local markets and it is very likely to be happening for them. The technical specification of the Z250 should be similar to the Ninja 250 and we can already expect the bike to be in the same range of the announced Ninja 250 price.


We were not shocked by the announcement of the new Z250 as it is only a logical way of Kawasaki in order to become a dominant force in smaller capacity motorcycle range. We really hope that they wouldn’t sacrifice the characteristic and the soul of the bike by overproducing the bike until it becomes so mainstream and ultimately becoming nothing special to the riders.


For now, we are awaiting for Kawasaki Malaysia to announce about the bike to be here in Malaysia as we are yet to see the new Ninja 250 being sold here in Malaysia. It sure has been taking quite a while for them to finalize the bike for our local market and this is quite puzzling for us as to why hasn’t it be on the road for now. Whatever it is, we really hopes that all our followers will stay tune with us for more updates and please do LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Honda 500cc Price Revealed

2013 Honda CBR500, 2013 Honda CB500R, and 2013 Honda CB500X motorcycles.

All speculations over, now that the price has been unveiled. It is time for us in Malaysian Riders to take part in the prediction of the price these bike will be if it enters the Malaysian market. We are waiting for Honda Malaysia to announce it’s arrival here, we are certainly hoping that it will be coming in as soon as other markets out there.

Well back to the main story, the price. From one of our International media source, it is confirmed now that the price will be around £5,000 or if converted into Malaysian Ringgit it’ll be around RM24,400 without tax. The exact price for the Naked CB500 will be starting from RM22,700 without tax and both the CBR and CBX will be a little bit expensive around RM24,100 without tax.


So if it is to enter our market in a complete CBU unit, my oh my the price can be a little bit more than just RM25,000. We have to expect the price around the range of RM40,000 or slightly less than that. Just for comparison, the ER6 model from Kawasaki in Malaysia can be bought aroung the range of RM35,000 and that is a 650cc engine. With the Honda 500 we are hoping that it’ll be less than what ER6 has to offer.

Surely, the bike will be assembled in Thailand for our region and hopefully the price can be reduced by a lot. Other than that, we all have to wait the final announcement from Honda for our market as they haven’t made any move on these hot models in our lovely nation yet. For now, please enjoy the official video from Honda Motorcycle EU of the 500 models.

CBR500 Counting Days?

Riders all around the world must be very excited if not totally maybe just a little about the news of Honda unveiling their new middleweight and sensible motorcycle. The 500cc capacity family that has been rumored and introduced these past few months has been making it’s impact into the community of bikers all over the world.

The latest is that Honda had established a website which is likely to be the official unveiling of these 500cc bikes. The most popular among the few models that has been rumored to be powered by the 500cc engine is the CBR500 which astonishingly gets a great amount of search through the net. Well with that, here is the link to the site and to be honest it does gives us the excitement as well and we are hoping that it will enter the Malaysian market as soon as the global market.

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CBR500: the challenger from Honda

image credited to original poster.. whoever he/she is..

Well lately the netizens from all over the globe has been spreading the images captured very recently of what seems to be the rumored CBR500 from Honda. While the Japanese manufacturer has yet to release any kind of official teaser or statement regarding the bike, but the people that are not related or we assume they are not related to Honda has been actively spreading the words regarding the bike.

image credited to original poster.. whoever he/she is..

We can say that it is a healthy development if and only if the bike is truly in development phase in some point. Rather than just being a fictional or a concept bike which can really mean it won’t be around soon. But seeing from the first ever photo which were said to be captured from the factory in Thailand, we can really see the bike is very much real than fiction. Although no one can confirm about the bike, but speculation for now is the best bet that we can have any clue about it.

What our sources has told us about the bike is that it won’t be much of a racing desired bike, but it will rather be an economical and practical type of thing. Well just take a look at the “specification” here:

– 470cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin
– Six-speed manual
– 46.9bhp
– 30lb/ft of torque
– 401lbs (dry)/430lbs (wet)
– 105mph top speed
– 31-inch seat height
– 120/70-17 (front)/160-60-17 (rear)

Not too impressive isn’t it? but still, it makes enough power to be fun and we are always more than happy to accept a new comer like this. This does mean more choice for us to play around with bikes in the future. Well for now, all we can do is just stay tune and hope that when Honda decided to make the official release of the bike; we won’t be the country that get the merchandise last.

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Honda with 500cc: CBR500 and CB500

With all the hypes and attention given on Kawi’s new toys the Ninja 300 and the Ninja 636, Honda is not shy with some interesting news too. But this is more on the rumors side as there has been no official announcement by the Japanese manufacturer for the time being.  The rumors which started recently where the picture of two allegedly the CBR500 and CB500 were taken from a Honda presentation at it’s factory in Thailand.

What’s more from the rumors is that both bikes is set to be a competition of what Kawasaki has done to their 2013 line ups and this means that both CBR500 and CB500 is set to be a bike that is cheap and at the same time retaining Honda’s built quality. Although the rumors played here is about Honda launching it for it’s 2013 new models but the rumors did not state if the bike would be a global models or specified to a certain region.

From the news we got, the bike will also not be a smaller version of the current roaring machine the CBR600RR but it is more as a bigger brother of the current CBR250R. Although there are no details on what is the specification will be on the new rumored bike will be, but we can assume that it wont be an inline four for sure. We should be able to have more details for the bike later this year if they are preparing the rumored bike for 2013  launch against Kawasaki’s new models.

All things puts aside, the most important question here is whether the bike will ever be launch and if it does, will it enters our Malaysian market is something that we all want to know. For now, lets just stick to the rumors that the bike will make it appearance for 2013. For more info and news updates, stay tune with us Malaysian Riders. Please LIKE our FACEBOOK page and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to view our latest films.