Velocita 250

Velocita 250 will be coming to our market. Wait what is Velocita? We are sure that most people out there have absolutely no clue about this bike and sadly, us in Malaysian Riders do agree that this is a new bike that we haven’t got the chance to get to any information about it accept for one advertisement in a local online shopping site.

After researching about the bike and the distributor of the bike, we found no signs of origin and legitimate information available for us to share for now. Us in Malaysian Riders have a suspect that the bike would probably comes from China, why are we saying that? Looking at the price tag given from the advert, RM11,999 for a 250cc is around the same price of a ninja 250r in the US.

As we all know, Malaysia is a country where the tax can be as high as 100% for a vehicle. Making the price of the bike Velocita seems to be way too cheap to be coming from a European or American firm. Therefore, a China made bike would fit the description. Our editors and some of our avid readers had speculated that the bike may be a rebadged of the Geneta RC250.

Whatever the bike is, we will try to get as much information as we can and find out about both bike and distributor of the brand. Stay tune with us for more info and news in the upcoming future.

Geneta RC-125 or Yamaha YZF-R125

First thing first, let’s just take a look at some of the pictures that can be found through online searching.

With a glance to the pictures, we can surely say it’s just an R125 by Yamaha. But then again, it isn’t.

This is in fact a totally different bike from Yamaha’s YZF-R125 but although we say it’s different. The Geneta’s RC125 have the incredible similarity for its specification.

The major difference between the two is that the RC125 has 69 mm x 53 mm (bore x stroke) and on the YZF-R125 it has 52.0 mm x 58.6 mm. Aside from that, the Geneta cooling system is air cooled and the one on the yamaha is liquid cooled.

Well that’s it basically, both bikes are styled brilliantly well let’s just say Geneta did a brilliant exact copy of the Yamaha. It’s funny and at the same time is scary to see this. It seems like there are no boundaries to what China can do in term of copying patent.

But this is the reality, China will continue to produce such products and we expect that in the next 10 to 15 years. They will produce something that will eventually beĀ  original from China, at least we are hoping for that.