New Design Spacy by Boon Siew Honda


Boon Siew Honda has released a newly design Honda Spacy with elegance looks. The new design of Honda Spacy is the latest revision of Boon Siew AT series. Comparing to its predecessor, the main changing point is the elegance look, in which the exterior body now is free from any colourful stripes but was replaced with solid chrome plating emblem logo to enhance the impression towards elegance.

The newly design Spacy has also inherited the key feature from its predecessor that ensure spacious at every level, from an 18-litre XL-sized utility box (U-Box) that conveniently fit in a full-face helmet to a 5.2L fuel tank that reduces the frequency of refuelling. Subsequently, the key feature is also implemented to both the floor panel and seat, with a little highlight at the front inner box that can fit a 500ml water bottle or other belongings at its size. This Spacy is pack with utilities and style all around and one of the examples is the hanger for the convenient of the rider to drape their belongings while travelling. The key shutter glows in the dark and has a magnetic locking system, providing ease of use while reducing theft risk. Such excellent features have made the riding experience more comfortable and enjoyable for both rider and the passenger.


Despite all that, the safety and stability element of the new Spacy is also what distinguished our model from other competitors within its class. The brake lock lever function is available in which with a simple click it will provide added relief for riders to avoid unintentionally acceleration by turning the throttle during idling stage. This Spacy also comes with a safety feature call Side Stand Switch in which it can be activated by putting down the side stand and the engine will be automatically shutdown to avoid any unintentional acceleration by accident. Such a feature also help to save fuel consumption in which the engine can never be turn on unless the side stand is lifted up. The braking system is enhanced through the front disc brake that provides superior control even on slippery roads while tubeless tyres avoid total air dissipation during puncture.

Furthermore, in order to enhance visibility for the motorists this newly design Spacy’s headlight has also been upgraded into halogen instead of typical light bulb. The visibility is then further enhanced with its illuminating corners big eye winker that provides better visibility at dim light situation especially during rainy or foggy conditions. The rear lamp is also elegantly design with the winkers separated from the tail light to increase visibility to trailing motorists.


The newly design Spacy maintain the same spec as its predecessor, which runs on a fan-cooled, 4-stroke, 110cc single-cylinder OHC engine powered by Honda V-Matic Technology. It is also economically fuel-efficient with 41.5km per litre while complying with the Euro II emission standards based on the ECE40 Mode test.


The newly design Spacy available in three elegant colours which are Pearl Metalloid White, Pearl Magellanic Black and Euphoria Red Metallic. The price of this new Spacy is set at show room price RM4, 999.00 with warranty period of 2 years or 20,000km, whichever comes first and will be available nationwide starting from 1st January 2016.

Honda Wave Alpha: An Opinion


It was recently when the team in Boon Siew Honda of Malaysia contacted us to attend an unveiling event for the media of their new machine on the market. Without any surprise to this writing, the machine being mentioned here is the new Honda Wave Alpha. As always, we weren’t the first guy to talk about the machine and frankly, we don’t really care about being the first to share our opinion on it. The event was held at Pullman Hotel Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and with all the big guns of Boon Siew Honda present to support the launch.

So what do we know about it? Well the first thing we know for sure is that the name is Honda Wave Alpha and it came with a tagline of “The Urban Dominator”. Oh yes we will talk about that bold tagline later but before that, let’s just go through some of it’s features. According to the official information given by Honda, the bike will be targeted to everyone with it’s astounding features such as great performance and savings for the fuel usage. It also comes with a “great speedometer”, a sporty designed exhaust and a U-Box storage area. All that for a maximum net selling price of RM4,556.94 inclusive of GST.

So now that’s pretty much covered, let us share our opinion on the machine when we first look at it. In a glimpse, we’re sure that it won’t be a head turner of any kind. The design looks like it still stuck with the scope or range of every single machine in the moped category nowadays and that’s kinda sad. Because we felt that this category has becoming overly saturated with nothing more exciting to look at and even if there is; it won’t last that long. So apart from the design, the basic necessity of the machine comes well expected in the class that it sits in; we’re not an expert of any kind but we felt that there are plenty of others that has the same package as this one.

We understand that it produces more power output than the previous Wave model and some of the other competitors; but let’s be honest, this is still a moped and it won’t be that much of a different. If a consumer is going to make a purchase decision based on performance without the price tag in question, most of them would just jump the capacity class all together and saves up more money in the long run for a better well rounded machine. So the new Honda Wave Alpha here is getting into a very tough and highly competitive segment for sure, and they are well aware of it. Not only that, Honda has the confident that it will be a dominator of the urban scape all over the nation.

It was made available to all their dealerships nationwide on the same day of the bike’s launch and we are curious to see how far it can go to dominate the urban market. We’re pretty sure that the bike has a great deal of quality into it even if it doesn’t look the part most of the time. But this is Honda we’re talking about, probably one of the most prolific brand in the world for a very tough and steady product. So if you’re interested to see more of the machine; we would suggest that you go straight to their dealerships and get a test ride on it straightaway. Feel how it suits your needs and your pocket of course.

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In 2014, he was one of the brightest stars of Malaysian motorcycle racing, tipped as the successor to Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman in the Honda Team Asia GP team. The allure of the world stage beckoned. But fast forward one year later, as the 2015 season comes to a close, Malaysian rider Zaqhwan Zaidi is happy for the opportunity to start his journey afresh.
Zaqhwan Zaidi’s bold decision to quit his Moto2 ride courted controversy. However, contractual disputes with the team left the ___-year-old with little choice. 
“At that point, I really thought that my career was over. I wondered if I would be yet another statistic, joining the ranks of those who had gone prematurely onto the world championships and left holding the remnants of what could have been a glittering career. All I wanted to do was race. But I was beginning to realize that for a rider to achieve his maximum potential, he must be supported wholly by his team,” said Zaqhwan.
That was when the youngster reached out to his mentor Shahrol Yuzy and was delighted when Yuzy extended a lifeline. “He (Yuzy) gave his blessings when I wanted to move on to the GP level and when problems arose, he was the one who helped me back on my feet again. You could say that Shahrol Yuzy kickstarted my career twice and I am doubly indebted to him,” Zaqhwan recalled.
A comeback into Cub Prix and the Asia Road Racing Championship scene was not as easy as many would think. “There was a lot of pressure when I got back on track, more so because I carried the No. 1 plate on my bike.” 
“Many people expected me to start winning immediately. But a lot had changed in six months. The teams and riders had improved but more importantly, my own riding style had also changed. Riding the Moto2 bike called for more precision and less aggression. As a result, I was a bundle of nerves during my comeback race in Melaka, second guessing my every move. Little wonder that I crashed out of the finals,” Zaqhwan ruefully recapped his DNF result from the Melaka leg of the 2015 PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship.
However, Zaqhwan has since put those problems behind him, especially after a third place podium in Round 6 in Kangar, Perlis. Inking a deal with Malaysia’s top 600cc team, MUSASHi Boon Siew Honda for the Asia Road Racing Championship also has Zaqhwan feeling hopeful for the future again.
As the 2015 PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championshp draws to a close with only three rounds remaining on the calendar, Zaqhwan heads to Round 8 this weekend at the Malaysia Agro Exhibition Park (MAEPS) still hopeful that he can at least end the season within the top 10. Currently ranked 17th with only 16 points in the bag, Zaqhwan is confident that he will be able to leap-frog over his competitors.
“If I succeed, again I will have Shahrol Yuzy to thank. Realizing that I was facing problems getting in tune with the bike again, the team had been organizing non-stop practice sessions just so that I can get back into the groove,” Zaqhwan concluded.
Round 8 of the 2015 PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship will take place at the Malaysia Agro Exhibition Park (MAEPS) in Serdang, Selangor this October 17 to 18, 2015. Entry is free to the public.

Azlan’s Best Qualifying

It was a great performance by Azlan Shah of the Idemitsu Honda Asia Moto 2 team yesterday during his qualifying session at the Indianapolis round. From most of the fans here in Malaysia, the result came with a positive notes that our rider is as competitive as any other rider in the world championship in the sport of motorcycle racing at this moment. But all of it came not just by a day of hard work. Azlan has been putting great effort towards the development of himself as a rider and as an athlete in achieving a state of focus and readiness to compete. The following is an official release by the team’s media reps in Malaysia.

In an incredibly tight outing that saw less than a second separate the top 18 riders, the Idemitsu Honda Team Asia rider broke his best lap time from last year early into the session with 1’37.157s and was seen riding in sixth momentarily before dropping to 12th at the end of the qualifying. He will start the 25-lap race alongside Dominique Aegerter and Sandro Cortese.

Meanwhile Spaniard, Alex Rins will head the Moto2 field from pole having posted the quickest lap in 1’36.549s with reigning Moto2 Champion, Tito Rabat and Mika Kallio locking out front row. Azlan’s teammate, Takaaki Nakagami is set to take off from second row. “We finally found a good setup in FP3, especially on the front and braking and this allowed me to drop my lap time significantly. I am very pleased we finally found a way forward. For the race tomorrow I hope to make a good start and have a good fight with the frontrunners. If possible, I would like to score maximum points,” said the 2013 Asian SuperSports 600cc Champion.

Moto 3 Test Completed by ADC Riders

ADC riders who attended the Moto3 test - from left Khairul Idham Pawi, Aditya Pangestu, Sarath Kumar, Andi Farid, Chuang An Yu and Syunya Mori
With the rest of the PETRONAS Asia Road Racing Championship contingent taking some time-off racing, top-performers of the 2014 Asia Dream Cup series got the chance to test actual Honda Moto3 machines at the Pasir Gudang Circuit in Johor.The two-day test that began on Monday was attended by reigning Champion and FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 Junior World Championship bound, Khairul Idham Pawi from Malaysia, Syunya Mori from Japan, India’s Sarath Kumar, Taiwan’s Chuang An-Yu and Aditya Pangestu and Andi Farid from Indonesia.
India’s Sumit Loucs Toppo was supposed to be in attendance as well but had to pull out last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.This is the first time that the Asia Dream Cup Moto3 test was held at the Pasir Gudang Circuit. For the past two years the test was immediately done at the Losail Circuit following the conclusion of the PETRONAS Asia Road Racing Championship.Boon Siew Honda Snd Bhd Motorsports Manager, Rodney Peh reported a ‘positive’ conclusion to the proceedings having evaluated the riders performance on the Honda NSF250R Moto3 machines.
“Our objectives letting the riders test the Moto3 machines is to give them exposure and reward them for their good performance in last year’s Asia Dream Cup. We believe the experience gained here is crucial for them especially for Khairul who will be making a switch to the Moto3 Junior World Championship this season,” he said. “Overall we had a very good test and the weather has been great. All the riders got the chance to test an actual race bike with factory components, a different chassis and engine specifications as opposed to the production bike they use in the ADC. All of them were very pleased and happy to be given this rare opportunity.”
“This test was also beneficial for the engineers as well. It gave them the platform to understand the technical side of maintaining and preparing a Moto3 machine,” he added

November KO2T Shatters Own Record


It was about a week ago from this article’s date, the 3rd consecutive round of Kuala Selangor King of 2T 2014 was held successfully at the small and humble circuit of Kuala Selangor. The clubman type racing series was introduced back in June 2014 and it has been growing ever since it’s first inception. This actually shows how our motorsports scene is in a healthy condition and with such a high demand for more of an affordable type of motoring activity.

Our local informer at the circuit of Kuala Selangor and even some of our friends who were participating in the event shared their enthusiasm with us in Malaysian Riders with some facts and figures of the event. To make it short, the event shows a significant improvement in terms of support and it’s participants as well. The King of 2T had grown more than 4 times in it’s size from it’s first event with the latest being participated by more than 270 riders from all kind of categories.


Impressive really, considering the stature of the event and the lack of funding that they had in organizing it. Kudos to the team of Inspiration Motorsports Club along with it’s associates and even the local youth governing body that was involved in making the event a reality. Being a 2T event, which meant that it consists of an army of 2 strokes machinery from all kind of makes and classes. This surely can be an interesting sight to those who enjoy the classic feels; sounds and smell of the 2 stroke motorcycles.

The premier class of the series, or should we say the KING OF THE KING category which consisted of a mixed open exhaust modification 150cc bikes was an absolute thriller to watch. At least, that was what our informer told us. The category won by Ahrah Ahmad followed by a second place finish by M.Fikri and a third place finish by M.Zahier. We can be sure that these lads are certainly overjoyed with their achievement and we can only say that they should be working harder to improve themselves for the upcoming events to come.


As always, Malaysian Riders are delighted to bring you the kind of stories that are purely made by passion and this King of 2T 2014 is a great example of that. We would like to urge more riders and bikers out there to join in and support the kind of event that involves proper motorsports enthusiasm similar to this. For that, please do stay tune with us on FACEBOOK and feel free to SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to enjoy more of this amazing motoring and motorsports contents.

Zaqhwan Determined after Indonesian Round Win

Zaqhwan Zaidi 21 leading the SuperSports 600cc race in Indonesia ahead of M Fadli and Dimas Ekky

Rising SuperSports 600cc rider, Mohd Zaqhwan Zaidi is hoping to carry his winning momentum from Indonesia to the Autopolis Circuit in Japan for Round Three of the PETRONAS Asia Road Racing Championship this weekend. His third year competing in the premiere class, the Musashi Boon Siew Honda Racing rider shocked the ARRC quartet in at the Sentul Circuit last June to secure his maiden SuperSports 600cc victory in Race 2 in a hard fought battle against his more experienced peers.

Zaqhwan had also impressed in the qualifying to earn his career’s first front row start before transforming it into a sixth place finish in Race 1. “I am still over the moon from our success in Indonesia. It was my best performance to date since stepping into the SuperSports 600cc and I want to keep the momentum rolling in Japan this weekend,” said Zaqhwan. The 19-year old however maintains a modest target to just finish on the podium rather than gunning for a win knowing that the 4.673 kilometre is home to SuperSports 600cc heavyweight, Katsuaki Fujiwara of Beet Kawasaki Racing.

Zaqhwan Zaidi hoping to build on Indonesia momentum at Autopolis

“Although I am very happy with the win, I will not let it get to my head. I will need to score a lot more wins and podiums before putting myself on the same level with the usual frontrunners.” “We approach the Autopolis track with a realistic mindset because this is Kawasaki’s homeground and they have yet to lose a race here. In that sense my target is just to finish on the podium but if there is an opportunity to grab the chequered flag, I will not hesitate to take it. Hopefully my teammates, Zamri Baba and Makoto Tamada can help me,” said Zaqhwan.

Zaqhwan’s impressive form puts him fourth in the overall standing with 46 points, 20 points shy from teammate and championship leader, Mohd Zamri Baba who has 66 points under his belt. Sandwiched between the two Honda riders are Kawasaki’s Yudhistira and Katsuaki Fujiwara with 59 points and 49 points.

Zaqhwan Zaidi talking to his mechanic in Indonesia

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