BMW HP4 Pricing

The all new big boys toy from the German automaker BMW has been officially revealed previously and some of our lucky International media has been invited to test out the bike around the revealing occasion circuit. But the price was still in a secret at the time, although people has been predicting about the price … More BMW HP4 Pricing


The story on the latest of Bimmers two wheels development is always great to follow. The newly launched BMW is said to be having a lot of improvements on its part and it will be significantly great motorbike to be ridden in an extreme condition (Track and Canyon/Moutain riding). This led to the curiosity of our European … More BMW HP4

New BMW for 2013?

Hold your thoughts people, the title may sounds too good to be true but it is not impossible at all. Although rumors will always be rumors and people will keep on speculating and that includes us too. But this time around, the rumor seems to be getting real and it might be just around the … More New BMW for 2013?