Where to Next Fahmi?


It’s no easy career for any riders out there, especially when you couldn’t improve your performance from the past till the presence. This has been true to most riders such as Michael Laverty, Marco Melandri, Anthony West and our own Zulfahmi Khairuddin. Every single rider that made it to the world stage has proven to be the best of the best from each country and thus deserve to be recognized in such way. But the competition in the global stage is way different from the national level. Fahmi has been struggling ever since he started his second season with the KTM Ajo Motorsports team back in 2013.

 Our congratulation goes to the new signing for SIC Racing Team young rider Adam Noroddin; he will be taking over the hot seat of Fahmi after a long season of Moto3 World Championship 2015. With that announcement made by the team, where will Fahmi go to next? Does his managerial team prepared enough to approach any other team on the MotoGP paddock for his career ahead or has the Banting boy rely too much on SIC in the past till he has no other immediate option to carry his own career in the future. There were rumors in the past talking about how Fahmi will be going to Moto2 next year and even World Supersport Championship too, but none of them were solid enough to be a morale booster for Fahmi’s fan.


 All in all, the not so young lad of SIC Racing Team will be facing the toughest point of his career by far in deciding where to go next. It will be such a shame if he had to come back and competes in the local competition such as the Malaysia Superbike Championship or the Malaysian Cubprix Championship. But wherever he goes next, the choice is his and only Fahmi can decide on how his future will be; for us here in Malaysian Riders, we are hoping to see him back to compete in the world stage regardless of the category there is. This is following from the multi-million ringgit that had been spent on his development and it will be such a waste to just end up competing in the local competition only.

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Khairul Idham Pawi overcame a poor qualifying to finish seventh in Round 5 of the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 Junior World Championship at the Albacete Circuit in Spain on Sunday. The Honda Team Asia rider struggled in search of a competitive lap time to qualify for P14 on the grid but delivered an impressive pace during the race, completing the gruelling 19-lap battle in 30’57.053s. As a result, he dropped from third to fourth in the championship standings with 89 points.

Meanwhile Aron Canet extended his championship lead to 131 points after he took victory at the Spanish circuit in 30’38.996s ahead of Italian, Nicolo Bulega and Albert Arenas who stopped the clock in 30’45.094s and 30’48.891s respectively. “I’m a bit disappointed. I tried very hard to close the gap with the frontrunners but our bike was not fast enough at the tight and short corners. However, we were quicker at the longer turns. Now we are fourth in the standings and our target is to get back on the podium and recover the top-3 position for the next race in Navarra,” said the Honda Asia Dream Cup graduate.


Prior to the Navarra round, Khairul will make his debut in the Moto3 World Championship as a wildcard at the Aragon Circuit this 27 September. “My target in Aragon GP is to learn and gain more experience from the Moto3 World Championship field. It is good exposure and I’m sure the knowledge picked up from competing with the world’s best will help drive my career forward faster,” he said.

Hafiq Azmi: What next for baby hulk?


The conclusion of the largest motorcycle racing world championship competition recently clearly displays how the Spanish riders are currently dominating the top level of each classes. But it is no secret that they have some of the most advance development program and being backed up by a few of them huge teams on the Spaniard ground. For us in Malaysia on the other hand, there are only a few teams that are directly involved with the premier level of motorcycle racing currently. That somehow put a little disadvantage to our upcoming riders that clearly has the talent to go even further.

Hafiq Azmi is among those riders, a name that we rarely mention and seldom being the center of attention by the fans of motorcycle racing here in Malaysia. Now why is that? Obviously, the 2014 season for Hafiq Azmi has been a difficult one and that proves to be one of the biggest contributing factor to why he was being left behind in terms of publicity and probably moral support as well. Our test rider had personally ridden along side with Hafiq Azmi during his training session at the Elite Speedway circuit a few months back. Quoting the word from our own test rider “Hafiq is such a talented rider and probably a naturally quick rider in the pool of our current world championship riders, I’m not expected to be able to chase him on the circuit; but it’s just amazing to see how quickly he disappears from my sight after just 1 lap and it’ll be a shame if he’s not given another opportunity to prove his worthiness in the Moto3 next year (2015)”


After looking at the 2015 riders entry, we are quite disappointed to see that there’s no Hafiq Azmi to be competing in the class next year. In a recent statement by SIC, the team that was responsible in managing Hafiq Azmi for his run in the Moto3 class this year; they are no longer to support the Ampang based rider. This was all due to his less than impressive showing in the 2014 season, although the 18 years old Hafiq did managed to score 3 points on his home grand prix in Sepang recently; it was deemed a little bit too late to impress the management of SIC Racing Team. The Malaysian Moto3 outfit however signed the Malaysian hotshot Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Jakub Kornfeil of Czech Republic. The decision to sign these two riders is a no brainer since the SIC team are looking to be competitive in 2015 Moto3 campaign.

But what is next for our own Baby Hulk, the previously #34 rider seems to be silence with his future at this moment. Us in Malaysian Riders will be looking to get in touch with Hafiq in the near future to know more of his plan and if there is any offers or approach by him to get a placement in any of the team for Moto3 next year. For us in Malaysian Riders, we clearly see that Hafiq is the man to be developed further as he has been racing in the top level for quite a while in his youth. At 18 years old, he certainly has a great long years ahead to become of the best rider from Malaysia to compete in the world championship. But at this moment, everything seems to be in a dark and that doesn’t look good for him.


Stay tune with us for more updates soon and we will do our very best to support Hafiq Azmi along with all the other Malaysian rising stars of motorcycle racing. The future of Malaysian motorsports especially in 2 wheels segment are looking great but let’s not be complacent and mismanaging the current pool of riders that we have right now. Spain gets to be at the top of the world in 2 wheels motorsports now for a reason, they’ve spent years of developing their athletes and certainly giving them the opportunities to work for their future. Hang out with us for more motorsports update on FACEBOOK and our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

images credited to SIC-AJO


Now now, do not get too excited just yest. This is not a street model from KTM in the 250 market, but this is the Moto 3 bike that has been made for the public to own with a price tag that most people can’t  even afford. But hey, this is almost identical to the Moto3 bike that you see on the Moto3 race even though it has some reduced specs but it is possible to make this production race bike in the same way as the Moto3 bike too.

Well if you are ever interested in owning such bike, the price to pay is USD54,000 which is  roughly around RM166,000 without even considering all the wonderful taxes we have for automobile goods. Well let’s just say, you have to be almost a millionaire in Malaysia just to own such bike. But from this bike, we can at least predict that there will be a street model of KTM in the future to cater a small displacement sportsbike.

Below is the spec to the bike:

TECHNICAL DATA OF THE KTM RC 250 R (Production Racer 2013)

Motor: Single cylinder, 4-stroke motor, DOHC
Displacement: 249.5 ccm
Bore/Hub: 81/48.5 mm
Performance: min. 37 kW at 13.000 revs/min
Max. Torque: 28 Nm at 11.000 revs/min
Compression ratio: 14,5:1
Starter/Battery: External starter / 12 V 0.8 Ah
Transmission: Cassette transmission, 6 gears, 3 options
Mixture preparation: Oval throttle body, 2 injection jets, Ø 50 equivalent
Cooling: Water cooler + oil-water heat exchanger
Generator: 12 V / 70 W
Lubrication: Semi-dry sump, 1 pressure and 2 suction pumps
Primary drive: Straight toothed: 2 transmission options
Valve drive: chain driven, intermediate wheel, radial arranged valves and DLC coated rocker arms
Clutch: Multiple disk clutch in oil bath
Motor management/ignition: GET by Athena ECU, GET by Athena Software MAYA EVO, adjustable motor brake/traction control/launch control/fuel mapping/ignition mapping/pit lane limiter, automatic switch, Interface for data recording

Frame: Steel tubular frame, steering head and adjustable swing arm pivot
Subframe: one piece Wethje carbon subframe
Swing arm: Upside down formed, welded aluminum
Handlebar: Full aluminum clamps, exchangeable handlebar
Front suspension: WP RCMA 3548 fork Ø35 mm, adjustable spring preload suspension, compression and rebound damping adjustable over 20 levels
Rear suspension: WP BAVP 4618 shock absorber, adjustable length, hydraulic preload adjuster, High-/Low-Speed- compression damping and rebound damping over 20 levels
Triple clamp: cast aluminum, adjustable, 28/30 mm offset
Front brakes: Brembo single disk braking system 290 mm, radial brake caliper and radial hand brake cylinder
Rear brakes: Braking-brake disks 190 mm, Formula radial brake caliper and formula brake cylinder
Front/rear wheels: OZ forged aluminum 2.5 x 17’’ / 3.5 x 17’’
Tires front and rear: Dunlop 95/75-R17 / 115/75-R17 Moto3 M Slick
Chain: 415 chain, rear sprocket 16 – 18T, rear sprocket 34 – 42T
Silencer: Akrapovic Full Titanium System with silencer 107 dB (open), additional dB killer 100/103 dB
Steering head angle: ± 1° with optional steering head insets
Steering head position: ± 6 mm with optional steering head insets
Wheel base: 1210 mm ± 35 mm
Ride height: adjustable ± 6 mm
Seat height: 760 mm, adjustable ± 6 mm
Tank capacity: approx. 10.5 l
Weight without fuel: approx. 82 kg

Well with all that, we can say that it is a very good deal if you have the mean to pay for such price for the production racer. We can only imagine that it would make a fine trackday bike and yes it will be a fine race bike too. With that, please stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders and please LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more of our updates.

Wira Kebanggaan Untuk Malaysia

Image credited to http://thestar.com.my

Perlumbaan yang berlangsung di GP Generali De La Comunitat Valenciana baru-baru ini memang telah mengubah sejarah permotoran dunia terutamanya di Malaysia. Ia kerana anak kelahiran Banting, Selangor ini telah menaiki podium di tempat yang ketiga di litar yang terakhir sekali lagi untuk musim MotoGP kali ini.

Image credited to mdanif.com

Memang tidak disangka-sangka bahawa Zulfahmi Khairuddin telah membuktikan bahawa pelumba Malaysia juga mampu menaiki podium walaupun bukan ditempat sendiri. Kalau dilihat dalam perlumbaan ini Zulfahmi mampu mengekalkan posisi beliau dalam kelompok yang berada dihadapan sekali sehingga ke pusingan terakhir. Zulfahmi dapat memotong rakan seperjuangannya iaitu Brad Binder daripada pasukan RW Racing GP di saat-saat akhir perlumbaan tersebut sebelum berada didalam kelompok tiga yang teratas bersama dengan pesaingnya iaitu Sandro Cortese dan Danny Kent daripada pasukan Red Bull KTM Ajo. Dengan kejayaan Zulfahmi ini dapat membuka mata rakyat Malaysia sekali lagi dan ia adalah kejayaan besar untuk pasukan AirAsia-Sic-Ajo untuk maju didalam perlumbaan Moto3 di musim akan datang nanti.

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Malang Yang Menimpa Zulfahmi

Image credited to facebook.com

Malang tidak berbau, hanya itu sahaja yang dapat digambarkan keadaan Zulfahmi Khairuddin ketika berlangsungnya pelumbaan di Litar Philip Island, Airasia Australian Grand Prix baru-baru ini. Beliau amat kecewa pada diri sendiri kerana tidak dapat menghabiskan pelumbaan tersebut.

Image credited to portalsukan.com

Cuma tinggal empat pusingan sahaja Zulfahmi tersasar daripada landasan dan terjatuh di bahagian sudut penjuru tersebut. Kemalangan tersebut adalah satu kerugian besar bagi Zulfahmi dan pasukan AirAsia-Sic-Ajo dalam musim ini. Jentera yang ditunggang oleh Zulfahmi mengalami masalah teknikal dan ia juga salah satu punca mengapa beliau terjatuh.

Kami berharap Zulfahmi dapat tabahkan hati dan pertingkatkan lagi prestasi beliau itu. Mungkin ada hikmah disebalik itu yang kita tidak dapat bayangkan di masa akan datang. Apa pun, kami disini akan sentiasa menyokong Zulfahmi dan anda jangan lupa untuk mengikuti laporan atau berita terkini bersama kami di Malaysian Riders dan jangan lupa untuk LIKE laman FACEBOOK kami dan SUBSCRIBE laman YOUTUBE kami.

Dua Wira Malaysia

Image credited to arsenal4u.com

Perlumbaan Moto3 dan Moto2 di Litar Sepang yang berlangsung semalam amat membanggakan rakyat Malaysia kerana perlumba negara sememangnya mempunyai kebolehan yang begitu tinggi dari segi pengendalian jentera masing-masing. Apa yang lebih membanggakan adalah Zulfahmi Khairuddin dapat menunjukkan peningkatan prestasinya dirinya kepada peminatnya dimana beliau mampu menempah tempat yang ke-2 di Litar Sepang semalam.

Image credited to bharian.com.my

Perlumbaan semalam sememangnya yang terbaik untuk musim ini kerana kedua-dua perlumba negara mampu bersaing dengan penuh semangat walaupun keadaan cuaca yang tidak baik dan merbahaya. Dalam kategori Moto3, Zulfahmi mendapat catatan masa pertama untuk pusingan terpantas (Fastest Laps) iaitu 2’15.142. Bagi Kategori Moto2, Hafizh Syahrin tidak dapat pertahankan tempat pertama selepas beliau memotong Gino Rea daripada kumpulan Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 dan hanya mampu bertahan di tempat yang ke-4 sahaja. Dalam perlumbaan Moto2, Hafizh sahaja yang berani untuk menunggang jentera dalam keadaan yang ekstrem walaupun waktu itu keadaan permukaan litar agak licin dan basah.

Kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia sepatutnya berbangga dengan dua wira negara ini kerana mereka mampu buktikan kepada perlumba negara lain bahawa mereka juga bukannya persaing yang boleh diambil remeh-temeh. Jadi untuk dapatkan maklumat terkini, teruskan bersama kami di Malaysian Riders dan jangan lupa untuk LIKE laman FACEBOOK kami dan SUBSCRIBE laman YOUTUBE kami.