Z250: Kawasaki Baby Naked


Going the distance is really a suitable phrases for Kawasaki in this situation where they are really making a huge effort in trying to capture the market of a small and practical bikes for daily usage. The new Z250 was officially unveiled not too far away from our shore which is in Indonesia and it is anticipated to be here in Malaysia not too long from now. But as for now, we haven’t really got any official words from the people of Kawasaki Malaysia regarding this bike here.

The new Z250 is basically a Ninja 250 with the fairing replaced with a Z800 looks and that is basically it. We already expecting the International media from the European segment are starting to discuss about the possibility of a Z300 being manufactured to really suit their local markets and it is very likely to be happening for them. The technical specification of the Z250 should be similar to the Ninja 250 and we can already expect the bike to be in the same range of the announced Ninja 250 price.


We were not shocked by the announcement of the new Z250 as it is only a logical way of Kawasaki in order to become a dominant force in smaller capacity motorcycle range. We really hope that they wouldn’t sacrifice the characteristic and the soul of the bike by overproducing the bike until it becomes so mainstream and ultimately becoming nothing special to the riders.


For now, we are awaiting for Kawasaki Malaysia to announce about the bike to be here in Malaysia as we are yet to see the new Ninja 250 being sold here in Malaysia. It sure has been taking quite a while for them to finalize the bike for our local market and this is quite puzzling for us as to why hasn’t it be on the road for now. Whatever it is, we really hopes that all our followers will stay tune with us for more updates and please do LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Stunting with Red

If any of you remember that we once published an article regarding a stunt bike project titled “Project Red”. Well now it is time for us to share some of the news regarding the project which is being run by our own creative director Muhammad Rashidi and fellow aspiring stunt rider Red Ahmad.

Both of them have team up to form a project that is focusing on bringing the world of extreme motorbiking into our local motorcycle scene. Yes, the issue of Rempit will not be far away when there is any extreme stunts being done using a motorcycle. The perception of the general public are currently at it’s all time high with most average citizens can easily associate stunt biking with the dangerous and unlawful act of Rempit.

That is one of the reason where both Red Ahmad and our creative director team up, with hope that the project can at least help educate people regarding the two different world of stunt motorbiking and Rempit. The project is currently in it’s early stage with a teaser video  to be released in the near future. With that, Malaysian Riders will be the official platform for the project to be showcased around the country and hopefully the world.

In an interview with Red Ahmad, he stated that the reason he did this is just to share his passion towards stunt biking and also trying to open up new opportunities for stunt riders in Malaysia. People with the same interest should be focused on just like what is happening in the European and Americans motorbiking scene. Whatever it is, Malaysian Riders gives our full support towards the project as we are trying to be part of the Malaysian motorsports development.

Ride Santai GGB

Saya selaku wakil dari Kelab GGB ingin berkongsi ride singkat  kami yang berlangsung pada tarikh 24hb yang lalu, seramai kira-kira 30 orang pemilik jentera bekuasa tinggi iaitu motosikal Naza Blade atau lebih dikenali sebagai Hyosung GTR dalam pasaran antarabangsa selain dari jentera Kawasaki Ninja. Ride ini dirancang pada saat-saat akhir kerana kebetulan kebanyakkan sahabat-sahabat kami berkelapangan masa pada waktu tersebut. Perbincangan telah dilakukan dengan menggunakan kemudahan laman sosial yang pantas iaitu didalam facebook  Hyounsung/Naza Blade Gtr 250/650.

Kami bekumpul di dua tempat dahulu, kumpulan yang berada dari kawasan Kuala Lumpur atau central akan berkumpul di bengkel pomen kami yang terletak di Paya Jaras Hilir. Manakala kumpulan yang dari arah utara akan berkumpul di kawasan rnr latar iaitu rnr Kundang Barat. Pada jam 9.30 pagi kami memilih untuk makan mee udang banjir di kuala selangor namun hampa kerana kedai mee udang tersebut tutup, maka kami terpakasa mengubah tentatif program ke kedai mee soto yang berdekatan.

Namun bukan tujuan makan dan memenuhkan perut sahaja yang kami harapkan, apa yang menjadi harapan kami adalah untuk berjumpa dan beramah mesra sesama ahli yang kebayakkan masa hanya berborak didalam laman sosial atau forum-forum sahaja. Maka dengan ride yang dilakukan ini, ia dapat mengumpulkan ahli-ahli yang ada dengan tujuan untuk mengenali dengan lebih rapat lagi antara satu sama lain.

Program berakhir pada jam 2.00 petang dengan masing-masing bersalaman sesama ahli dan berharap akan bertemu lagi kerana sebahagian dari kami ingin menghabiskan hujung minggu bersama keluarga pula. Terima kasih kepada yang hadir pada ride tersebut, tidak lupa pada En.Azlan selaku wakil dari pengguna Kawasaki Ninja yang memberi sokongan dan sudi untuk turut serta dengan ride kali ini. Akhir kata, ribuan terima kasih saya selaku wakil ahli GGB kepada pihak Malaysian Riders kerana sudi menerbitkan artikel ini.
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Burning Some Rubbers

image credited to SIC

22nd of April 2012, the sun was up and the sky was clear. Certainly a great day for a trackday session and that is exactly what happened yesterday at the Sepang International Circuit. This time around, it is only for bikes with capacity less than 400cc. It was surely a great chance for riders with smaller bikes to enjoy the world class facility in Sepang and to enjoy the track and their bikes.

image courtesy of Fonzie Labodo

Malaysian Riders was present to catch a glimpse of the action and we have our own rider out on the track to share some of the action onboard the Kawasaki Ninja 150 or better known as Kawasaki Kips. The baby ninja is a 2-stroke machine with 149cc displacement and easily produce more than 30hp which gives a fairly great amount of power needed to enjoy the wide track of sepang.

Check out the video below for the action onboard the baby ninja.