Crucial Points for Fahmi and Live WSBK


Held at “The Podium” of Plaza Damas yesterday; Malaysian Riders correspondent attended the event organized by Sepang International Circuit to watch the live broadcast of the World Superbike round of Australia; which was the first round of the year. The highlight of the event was obviously to support Fahmi Khairuddin on his inaugural race in the World Supersport Championship series and to add the excitement of the event; Zulfahmi manages to score some crucial points to his championship run.

Numbers of avid motorsports fans got together to enjoy the live broadcast at the Podium yesterday and they weren’t simply came and got to enjoy great food and chilling at the café; but they were also celebrated by our host with great prizes such as WSBK or SIC merchandise and also tickets to watch the Malaysian round of the World Superbike Championship.

We are all about supporting this kind of effort in cultivating a proper motorsports culture here in Malaysia. It was obvious that there were great passion seen from the people who attended the event yesterday. They were all cheering and chanting their favorite teams and riders which elevate the mood of the event to become livelier and happening. This is what’s needed to our motorsports fans all over the nation, to get together and enjoy the sport in a healthy yet competitive way to elevate the level of public interest towards the all-important Motorsports industry here in Malaysia.

We will be looking forward for more of the same kind of event by anyone in the future. We highly encourage people of all background to get together and enjoy great motorsports in public places to improve the interest towards the right motorsports culture here in Malaysia. Be sure to keep in touch with us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, not to forget to watch our films contents on YOUTUBE.

Making it in World Supersports: Fahmi Khairuddin

Pilot1 Fahmi

Six years. That was how long it has been for the person in focus today. Zulfahmi Khairuddin or better known by “Nick Harris” the commentator of MotoGP as Fahmi Khairuddin, this writing will discuss about his new venture to the World Superbike Championship. Specifically, the Banting boy will be competing under the roof of Orelac Racing using the Kawasaki ZX6R. This will be an exciting new endeavor for the Malaysian motorsports fans to witness a full season appearance by a Malaysian star rider.

But it wasn’t always pretty by the people out here; there certainly have been a lot of pressure and negative thoughts given to Fahmi. It’s all about whether he still got it or even worse; does he have any of it at all. We’re discussing about that fire to win races and his ability to deliver the best performance and the most entertaining racing that us motorsports fans can watch. After all, this sport is just another means of entertainment. Fahmi will now be going into a stage where he’ll be needed to go up against a much different competition.

Khairuddin, Moto3, Catalunya MotoGP 2015

Khairuddin, Moto3, Catalunya MotoGP 2015

We won’t know how it feels to race in the World Supersports stage, heck we wouldn’t even know how it feel to race in any international level of racing. But one thing for sure, the competition can be very brutal. Making it in the world stage such as the World Supersports Championship will need Fahmi to be three of four times more aggressive and intense in learning the traits there. It will require him to go beyond the level that he has ever been to. Malaysian Riders organization too is in guilt for becoming of those who had thought negatively for him. For now, we would like to give our utmost support and challenge to Fahmi to be successful in the World Supersports Championship.

If the result is great, it’s not going to be for us as an organization, for the nation’s pride or even his family. Making it in the World Supersports will be for himself, not others. All we can write here for Fahmi is that, keep on training and keep on imagining winning the race and realizing it with all his heart. More news and stories shall be written here on Fahmi as he pursues his journey into a new realm. Best of luck to him and please do stay tune with us on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and TWITTER.

WSB Provisional 2013 Calender is out

image credited to MCN

image credited to MCN

The calendar is out and Malaysia is not on the list of the world superbikes championship and this is somewhat expected from the premium production racing championship. Although we can’t be really sure why WSB is not coming back to Malaysia since it was here before in the 90’s held in Pasir Gudang’s track. The fans of the superbike series in Malaysia is just as strong as the MotoGP and Formula 1 fans from our point of view.

We are now hoping that the famous superbike series will get here in Malaysia to spread the love of the sports in the region of South East Asia and maybe, just maybe that it can open up new possibility for our local young riders to be part of the sport. The domination of the European in the sport is undoubtedly clear for anyone to see and we think it is time for the sport to be diversified even in term of the race calendar.

Now we are not sure whether the discussion between SIC and WSBK series is something that had been done before or not. But we are sure that the rumors of the series coming to our shore has been discussed all over the web and some even predict the series will be coming to Malaysia in 2012, sadly the prediction wasn’t coming to a reality. As the provisional calendar has been released and according to our source, the series will be having some new addition to the calendar including the newly built Indian circuit.

image credited to Motorcycle dot Com

image credited to Motorcycle dot Com

Whatever it is, we are still hoping some arrangement can be done between SIC and the organizer of the championship to get the series here in our shore. Stay tune with us for more updates in the future and please do LIKE and SUBSCRIBE our FACEBOOK PAGE and our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

PDRM Bersama Masyarakat

Pada 25 Haribulan November 2012, bertempat di perkarangan pangsapuri kos rendah Taman Tun Teja Fasa 2, Rawang. Pihak Malaysian Riders telah berkesempatan untuk menyertai sebuah acara anjuran PDRM yang diadakan buat julung kalinya dari pihak PDRM sendiri untuk bersama-sma mengenali penduduk setempat.

Kami mengambil peluang ini untuk turut sama merapati dengan pengunjung bagi mempromosikan diri kami sebagai badan media bebas khusus tentang permotoran dua roda ini. Kami juga berkesempatan untuk bersua muka dengan pihak bikers yang turut hadir bagi memberi sokongan terhadap acara ini.

Selain itu, kami yang turut menganjurkan pertandingan SBK CHALLENGE yang mana dapat mempromosikan arena sukan permotoran dengan lebih mendalam kepada anak-anak kecil yang bakal menjadi pewaris kepada negara satu hari nanti. Kami berharap, walaupun acara ini bukanlah sesuatu yang berskala besar bagi kami namun ia tetap dapat meninggalkan impak yang positif kepada nama Malaysian Riders.

Dengan itu, teruskan bersama kami dan kami hargai setiap sokongan anda yang tidak putus-putus hingga ke hari ini. Sila LIKE laman FACEBOOK kami dan SUBSCRIBE lama YOUTUBE kami bagi mengikuti perkembangan Malaysian Riders dengan lebih mudah.

Best Motorcycle Game

Tourist Trophy (PS2)

It is time for us to step out from the reality for a while and go into the virtual world where we can do anything impossible with our lives and make it possible or at least we can imagine it. This is where the gaming industry has been doing for more than 20 years now. Well we wouldn’t want to go down into the history of video games here as that would really take our time and change our focus as a motorcycle media by a lot.

gaming platforms

As the title suggest, we really want to know what is the best video game for motorcycle enthusiast all over the world currently. The booming of video game industry in the past 20 years from NES to Playstation 3 and not to forget the advancement of computer performance that has gone to prove that we are on the verge of getting closer to almost life like graphic capabilities. But does this mean we as a motorcycle enthusiast gets the best out of it?

Apparently, when the question is being asked in a few online forums regarding what is the best motorcycle game out there. The answer usually will point back to the old game coming from the late 90’s and from that era we are well aware that the technology hasn’t come to the point where it can be seen as something great yet. But after a few research, yes we find ourselves drooling over old games rather than the more beautiful looking current generation game.

A few games that caught our attention is the great old Road Rash which was based across all kind of old gaming platforms and has some of the best entertainment value as a true bikers game. Well not really true, but this is where we said the imagination of being something that you could not or should not be in the real lives. Apart from this, there are something else that are looking much more real with almost life like graphic even by today’s standard; polyphony’s TOURIST TROPHY on the Playstation 2.

But of all the graphical extravagant from the creator of world’s probably closest to life driving simulator GT5 for the Tourist Trophy, it still fail in delivering a proper racing game that puts you in the shoe of racing riders. The current generation MotoGP games and World Superbike game is just too arcade oriented which make it feels unreal after a while. But one particular game has really given us the feel of a real riding experience is the GP500. This is a video game that everyone who is into riding should look at and see how they can achieve the physics level at such time.

We leave you with a video from the GP500 that has blown us in many way and yes it’s not the most beautiful game ever but it does give you the feel of a real situation in a racing environment and that of the 2-strokes era (Not to forget the Pasir Gudang Track and Proton KR bike in the game). Please LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more updates from Malaysian Riders.

Goodbye from Max Biaggi

Image credited to MCN

It’s a goodbye to the Italian rider Max Biaggi from the world of Motorsports as we know it. It is probably a best time for him to go as he was crowned the World Champion title in the WSBK championship which concluded recently. Being a World Champion is really the ultimate achievement that any riders or sportsman out there can ever dream of.

For Max Biaggi, it is all about the right timing for him to bit farewell to all of us motor heads where we think will be quite affected by his absence from the WSBK next year. But then again, we can’t have everything we want for the sake of highly entertaining racing. Still, lot’s of other riders will be there for us and we are sure that it won’t really change their views in the racing environment to give all their best in the pursue of the upcoming champion.

Well whatever it is, we are surely gonna miss the Italian stallion and we wish him all the best for his life after this and we are hoping that one day he will be over in Kuala Lumpur. Please stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders for more info and make it easy by liking our FACEBOOK PAGE and subscribing to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Isle of Man TT dan Malaysia

image credited to

Pernahkan anda sebagai peminat sukan permotoran atau anda sendiri sebagai penunggang di Malaysia ini terfikir tentang bagaimana perasaan untuk menyertai perlumbaan Isle of Man TT? Adakah pelumba dari Malaysia akan menjejakkan kaki untuk menyertai kejohanan tersebut. Ini yang sedang menjadi permainan dalam benak fikiran kami akhir-akhir ini.

Isle of Man TT merupakan sebuah kejohanan yang sememangnya memerlukan kebolehan pengendalian jentera yang hebat dan juga memerlukan keberanian yang tinggi. Perlumbaan yang dijalankan diatas jalan biasa yang ditutup bagi acara Isle of Man ini mempunyai pelbagai cabaran dalam keadaan kelajuan yang tinggi. Sedikit sahaja kesilapan, pasti ia akan menyebabkan kecederaan yang serius.

image credited to

Jadi adakah mungkin kita dapat melihat penunggang dari Malaysia untuk menyertai kejohanan ini. Bukan dari Malaysia sahaja, tapi dari rantau asia tenggara ini seperti penunggang dari Indonesia, Thailand dan sebagainya. Kita mempunyai ramai penunggang yang berkebolehan, cuma apa yang perlu kini adalah penajaan dan sokongan padu dari pelbagai pihak.

Tetapi, selain dari itu; adakah mungkin perlumbaan seperti Isle of Man ini dapat dianjurkan di Malaysia. Kita juga mempunyai jalan yang menarik dengan permukaan muka bumi yang mencabar. Kuala Klawang yang telah lama menjadi lokasi kepada peminat atau penunggang-penunggang motosikal tanpa mengira saiz untuk menikmati selekoh-selekoh yang memberi kepuasan. Tetapi ia mendatangkan bahaya apabila dikongsi dengan kenderaan lain dan juga orang awam.

Mungkin pihak berwajib boleh mencuba untuk menganjurkan sebuah kejohanan yang hanya diadakan sekali dalam satu tahun untuk penunggang-penunggang dari rantau Asia ini. Industri permotoran dan sukan ini perlu dibangunkan dengan lebih banyak kejohanan yang boleh mengasah bakat tempatan untuk terus berjaya dan tidak sekadar mengharap kepada kejohanan sedia ada seperti Cubprix atau Malaysian Super Series yang sedia ada bagus. Namun, kita perlukan lebih dari itu sekiranya Malaysia atau negara lain ingin melihat nama penunggang yang menyertai kejohanan seperti MotoGP atau World SBK lebih dari seorang atau lebih dari sekadar wakil.