All New Yamaha Ego Avantiz


KUALA LUMPUR, 22 JULY 2016 – Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM) today revealed, its latest automatic model at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The new model launch luncheon was held in conjunction with the Yamaha Automatic World Motorshow, which was held in Berjaya Times Square mall. During his launch speech, Dato’ Jim Khor, Managing Director of Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. said, “The objective of the Yamaha Automatic World Motorshow is to promote the automatic segment and this motorshow is a sneak peek into the future of motorcycle commuting.” “The motorshow was specifically designed to show the vast selection of Yamaha’s automatic models and the different facets of the automatic models in different lifestyle themes,” he added, just before rolling out the new automatic model, named Ego Avantiz.

The all-new Yamaha Ego Avantiz is powered by a 125cc Single OverHead Camshaft (SOHC), Fuel Injection, Air-cooled BLUECORE technology engine, which delivers an exciting and fun ride to the avid motorcyclist. The BLUECORE engine delivers sufficient power to thrill the fun-seeker and yet provides the economy of a fuel efficient vehicle. In keeping with Yamaha’s core values of innovation, a new technological feature, the “ECO” lamp incorporated into the meter panel was designed into the bike with the sole purpose of indicating to riders an efficient riding pattern. A new parking lock system is also introduced to improve the overall safety feature of the automatic model.


The all-new Yamaha Ego Avantiz bike also comes with an array of features that include:

1) An aggressively styled and adjustable LED headlight for brighter illumination
2) A modern and attractively designed brake light to keep abreast with the modern trend
3) An ergonomically designed seat handle, which will ease the pillion rider grip for a safer ride.
4) A 14 Litre storage space capable for Jet-type helmet storage
5) A stylishly designed exhaust system that provides an aggressive styling to the overall vehicle.
5) Front Disc-braking system for added braking performance which complements the 125cc engine.

Lampu Depan Led Yang Agresif

The new automatic model comes in aggressive styling, which will complement the lifestyle of the modern and trendy riders. Three colors will be introduced to the marketplace in the attractive range of aggressive black, speedy blue and raving red, and will be priced competitively with an estimated recommended retail price of around RM 5,700 (inclusive GST), which is subject to approval from relevant authorities.“This bike has a lot of features that will definitely excite the market” ensured Dato’ Jim Khor. The all-new Yamaha Ego Avantiz is set to hit our roads and will be made available at all our authorised Yamaha dealers nationwide from end August 2016. The public will be able to view, touch and feel the all-new Yamaha Ego Avantiz at the Yamaha Automatic World Motor Show 2016 currently being held at the Concourse area, Berjaya Times Square KL from the 22nd to 24th July 2016.

Kasma Daniel and Fazli Sham: A Potent Partnership


Having a seasoned running mate on the track could do wonders for a rider’s title chase. 17-year-old Kasma Daniel Kasmayuddin, currently leading the CP130 class of the PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship by five points, is feeling secure with senior rider Ahmad Fazli Sham by his side.

After a dominating performance at the season opener in MAEPS last month, the CP130 rookie is leading the 2016 title chase with 25 points. Kasma’s PETRONAS Yamaha Maju Motor team mate Fazli Sham is in second place with 20 points.


“Fazli is such an experienced rider and I feel like I can rely on him to guard the team’s top position in the CP130 category so far. During the first round, Fazli successfully held back the rest of the field, and I was able to win the race by a large margin. We hope to tag team our way to the podium again for the second leg in Batu Kawan,” said Kasma.

The 17-year age gap between Kasma and Fazli has not affected the duo’s chemistry when it comes to working together. “Fazli was the CP130 champion in 2007 and 2008. His racing career has been marked with a lot of success and he has accumulated a wealth of race craft in the process. He has been my mentor since I first joined team Maju as a rookie and he has never been stingy about sharing his knowledge,” said Kasma, who was also the CP115 champion in 2015.


“It has been eight years since team Maju has won the CP130 Team Award. I hope that both Fazli and I will be able to spearhead the team’s comeback to the top steps of the podium,” said Kasma. Round 2 of the 2016 PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship will take place at the Stadium Batu Kawan on April 16 and 17, 2016. Spectator entry is free.

A Competitive Start for 2016 King of 2T

KO2T 2

April 9th 2016, Kuala Selangor – New season of the King of 2T series began with a positive notch with the much improved quality of performance by most of the riders competing across the 8 categories offered. The return of familiar faces in the series comes with a positive development in their showing after a season brake from last season’s action. The series competitiveness may has been improved due to the upgrades being done to the Kuala Selangor circuit earlier this year which proves to be much more technical than the initial layout. These changes offers a new challenge to all riders be it a first time competitor or even the much seasoned rider; the competing teams were also given a new challenge to adapt their machine setup quickly with the upgraded track. This gives a level playing field across the paddock and with a great weather shown during the first day of round one; riders can push themselves a little bit more better to gain confident for the races on Sunday.

More than 200 participation were confirmed in the first round of the 2016 season of King of 2T; and the numbers are set to grow throughout the year as the season progresses later. This goes to show that the demand for the series are strong coming from the local motorsports community, “I came to the circuit today to enjoy the heat of the competition even when I couldn’t stay for the final race tomorrow due to my work responsibility back in Kedah” stated one of the new face of competitor before leaving the ground with his family to Sungai Petani, Kedah. Efforts shown by riders and teams during the first day of competition this year truly indicates how much the competitive culture of motorsports are being cultivated in a positive way; this ultimately brings the level of performance throughout the paddock higher than before. The appearance of some very experienced and professional riders on grid does bring the level of competition a little bit higher and this will definitely turn into a great showing and entertainment for the spectators around the circuit.

KO2T 5

A great battle will be expected from the riders across all the categories during this first round of King of 2T especially during the final race action on Sunday. The sheer desire shown by the riders and teams surely will further boost the performance and action which gives a positive development on the quality of King of 2T series. The competition aspect of the series is a major focus by the organizer in order to develop some of the promising young talents to further their career in a much bigger series nationally or internationally. Everyone are welcomed to the circuit of Kuala Selangor to witness the conclusion of the first round of King of 2T and experience the excitement of the race. Admission is free.

Kasma Runs Riot in Debut Race

Kasma in action in CP130

Serdang, Selangor: Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin defied all expectations when he scored the opening win in Round 1 of the 2016 PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship held at the Malaysia Agro Exhibition Park (MAEPS) last weekend. Contrary to his seniors’ predictions of a tightly fought race, Kasma put in a dominating lights-to-flag performance that was reminiscent of his 2015 title-winning performance in the CP115 category.

Kasma lost out to Zaqhwan Zaidi in Saturday’s timed practice session but bounced back with a fast lap during the SuperPole to win the all-important pole position. He then successfully converted his prime starting position into a race performance that left his competitors in the dust.

Behind Kasma, senior riders Ahmad Fazli Sham, Zaqhwan Zaidi, Norizman Ismail, Abdul Muhaimin Roslan and Izzat Zaidi fulfilled their self-prophecy with a no-holds-barred battle for second position. The heat of the chase caused first Norizman and then Muhaimin to drop out of the chase, leaving Fazli and Zaqhwan in second and third positions at the finish line.

Kasma celebrate his win
“Everyone was saying that there was no way I would be able to run away at the front, that the race would be bitterly fought. I turned a deaf ear to all those predictions and just focused on staying true to the script that my team manager Yong Ying Hoe had crafted for me. I had two things going for me this weekend, which was my fitness level and a super fast bike. Stealing the holeshot at the start of the race gave me the momentum I needed to brush aside the competition and focus on winning from the front,” said Kasma who officially turns 16 this year.

Kasma and Fazli’s 1-2 position has given team PETRONAS Yamaha Maju Motor with the best possible start to the season. The outfit that has brought about numerous national and Asian-level legends such as Chia Tuck Cheong and Mohd Faisal Yahya, now leads the team award with a 19-point margin over GiVi Honda Yuzy Racing.
In the CP115 category, poleman Tengku Amirul Haffirudin also enjoyed a strong start to the 2016 season when he won the 15-lap race ahead of Mohd Fareez Afeez and 2015 Wira Champion Mohd Harith Farhan Baharin. The age-capped Wira class saw newcomer Md Shafiq Ezzariq finishing at the top of the field with Mohd Qhuwarismi Mohd Nasir and S. Alif Nazirul S. Ismail in second and third positions respectively.

Yamaha Super Moped? Y15ZR…


Once again, we came in late into the market to talk about what seems to be “the hottest bike” in the market for such price that is. Nevertheless we would like to pour a little bit of our opinion to the matter. Priced at RM7,999.82 after GST not inclusive of the on the road thingy and what not; the Y15ZR marks as a tipping point for Yamaha’s future sales health in Malaysian market. We’re foreseeing that the growth will be positive in the next 6 to 12 months.

Enough about our somewhat not too-economist like prediction on the bike’s sales and let’s get down to our expectation of how it should performs. In general, the number150 sounds like it should be more capable and powerful compared to the 135cc machined namely the Yamaha “LC”. But we’re curious if it can really proves to be a “better” performing bike than it’s smaller cousin.  Y15ZR should be able to beat it’s own benchmark sets by it’s own brand and also gives an astounding lead over it’s closest rival such as Suzuki’s Belang.

From our view, the design and general built quality doesn’t seem too bad and in some way it’s quite nice too look at. But we may be tricked into believing it that way since we’re getting to see the “media/public” exhibition model of it. So manufacturers all over the world tend to put the best specimen they have to show to the world. So just a reminder to all of us potential owner of this machine, don’t get easily excited from just looking at it and reading it’s specification. It may not be as good as boasted through the medias or even your friends.


Other than that, we are also looking to find out the efficiency of it’s new motors and how well it handles the “demands” of our everyday rider that commutes around 50km to 100km daily, maybe lesser depending on who’s riding. But then again, it doesn’t really matter on what kind of results it produces; there will still be die hard fans of it lining up to own it and modify it straight away and change the whole riding physics of it. Then it will be pointless to even talk about it in standard machine perspective.

Malaysian Riders being MR, we extremely love the handling part of any machine we’re testing; the super moped by Yamaha here should be interesting to be tested especially in a track condition or twisty roads like those in Kuala Klawang and really feel the easness of it’s handling. For sure it will be like “point and shoot” kind of riding, not much worries about it’s weight and already short wheelbase. It’ll be amazing, can’t wait to test it (coming from our test riders especially the guy with “siku buruk” reputation).

That is all for now, we’re hoping to talk about it in-depth in the coming weeks or months to come. Stay tune with us, Malaysian Riders; home to motorcycle enthusiast. Some say, the best platform to enjoy alternative kind of motorcycle information and entertainment; we like to believe that as well (LoL). Check us out on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE for more of our awesomeness.

CKD MT-07 Introduced by Yamaha


SUNGAI BULOH, 08 JUNE 2015 – Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (“HLYM”) today, introduced the Yamaha MT-07 locally assembled model, a 4 stroke, 689 cc liquid cooled, 2-cylinder engine with fuel injection motorcycle. The MT-07 motorcycle is the third locally big bike model assembled at the Sg. Buloh factory after the XJ series (XJ6, XJ6 Diversion, XJ6 Diversion F) and its predecessor, the MT-09.

The versatile MT-07 naked bike is designed to bring fun, affordability and enjoyment back to the streets, from its deep torque through to the agile chassis. Equipped with a compact and lightweight chassis for remarkable agility and easy handling, MT-07 is also outstandingly economical.

image credited to

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The new and locally assembled Yamaha MT-07 is priced at RM35,296 (inclusive of 6% GST, excluding road tax, insurance and number plate) and is available at selected authorised Yamaha dealerships nationwide starting from mid June 2015. It is also available in two color choices – Deep Armor (Violet) and Extreme Yellow.

The introduction of the Yamaha MT-07 will offer customers a bigger variety of bikes to choose from that can match their discerning lifestyles and riding preferences. Following from this update, Malaysian Riders will make it an effort to produce a film on this particular bike to share our perspective of the bike. Great things had been shared about this bike coming from all over the world be it from the owners and even test riders. We are sure, the MT-07 will be a great product for Yamaha in the next months to come.

image credited to motorrad-biller dot at

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Saiful Izman in action at Temerloh last weekend

17-year-old Saiful Izman Ahmad Zamani’s life had always revolved around the motorcycle. Son of former Malaysian top rider Ahmad Zamani Baharuddin, motorcycle racing had always been a big part of his life. With so many offsprings of former riders now entering the sport, Saiful Izman’s entry into Cub Prix was neither the first nor expected to be the last. Racing in his sophomore year of the PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix, Saiful Izman is beginning to show glimpses of his family’s racing heritage, especially when he won the Wira Final during the curtain raising leg of the 2015 season in Temerloh last weekend.

Although always placing within the top five during the practice sessions, Saiful Izman was never quite the fastest rider on the grid. He was consistently a few split seconds behind Kozi Yam Honda’s Mohd Harith Farhan Baharudin. But during the finals, Saiful Izman’s aggressive and rough riding style tore through Harith Farhan’s defense strategies and resulted in Saiful netting the first open-make win of his career. “While all riders thank their families for their success, in my case, it is doubly so as my father and uncles are also directly involved in my career,” said Saiful during the post-race press conference. “Growing up, none of them ever pressure me into taking up racing professionally but it was a hard topic to avoid as racing was always the centre of their conversation. Every time the television set was turned on at home, it was always to watch more motorcycle races.”

Saiful Izman with his uncles, Ahmad Fuad Baharudin and Ahmad Nashrul Baharudin

Saiful made his Cub Prix debut in 2014 through team FELDA AFB Tech Racing which was then managed by Ahmad Fuad Baharudin. This year, the Felda outfit has spun off into two squads – team FELDA PB Racing managed jointly by Ahmad Zamani and Ahmad Nashrul Baharudin that is taking part in the CP115 class and team FELDA AFB Tech Caldinals Racing owned by Ahmad Fuad Baharudin and focused on new talent identification in the age-capped Wira category. The young rider who is just in the early stages of his racing career admits that he has big boots to fill. “My father and uncle were both counted as some of the top riders in the Asian region. With their support and training, I hope to equal if not exceed what they have done.”