Kawasaki Z Series: Behind The Scene


The filming took place between 2014 and 2015 for this piece and the editing itself started way back in 2014. For a small entity like us, this has been a great effort pulled off by some of the best people we’ve had on our team. Malaysian Riders team collaborated with Kawasaki Motors Malaysia to obtain their support in getting all three bikes into the show and for us, this was something special coming from a truly DIY styled team.


Gross cost of the filming was estimated to sit around the RM5,000 to RM10,000 region due to the involvement of people and working hours spent into the filming and post-production. Two of the three models featured in the film (Z250 and Z800) had already been given an individual review from our test rider Muhammad Rashidi and Nader Khaled in the past year. Therefore, the approach for this film was to create a simple overview on the Kawasaki Z Series or the naked version of Kawasaki’s street bikes.


Although we are truly proud of the effort, it’s still way off from our target to produce the best motorcycling film available online as of now. We will be working hard to achieve that goal in the future and without doubt, all of it comes from the support of our viewers, fans and friends that has been so awesome in cheering us to move forward. For that, we thank you.


More films to come within the year 2015 and we are sure that you’ll be happy to know that we are in the making of a film for Kawasaki’s best machine ever produced; the Kawasaki H2 and H2R. Well we are excited about that, and you should be as well. Stay tune with us for more news and motorcycles films. Hang out with us on our FACEBOOK PAGE and do subscribe to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Kawasaki to Introduce New Z1000


Great news to all the Kawasaki fans out there and most probably all the fans of affordable big bike motorcycle out there. Kawasaki has recently release a kind of teaser for the general public regarding the new upcoming Z1000 to make it’s way to the market probably the earliest in 2014. We take this news with a delight and we are of course happy to see the Kawasaki’s effort in really gaining their popularity with the consumers by introducing new exciting products at this phenomenal rate.

The new Z1000 has been said will improved the bike in an overall sense but yes, that is what the manufacturers always said with their new product. Malaysian Riders as at this moment has no clue on what kind of improvement they are talking about, but we do take their intention about not being the most powerful and the fastest as something that can indicate that the bike should be an all rounder for the consumers. But that is all remain to be seen when they actually be unveiled at the 2013 EICMA in Milan.

We will keep ourselves close to the news development on this particular bike and we do hope that we’ll have your trust to deliver more news on the new Z1000 in the future. With that, we urge you to stay tune with us for more updates in the future. Please do SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to get the latest updates on our review films and get up close with us through our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Kawasaki Z800 Film Review

image courtesy of Kawasaki Europe

image courtesy of Kawasaki Europe

After much delays in the filming of the hot new bike from Kawasaki. We finally made it and boy the time was such a rush. We were only given 3 days with the bike to test it, film it and get it back to the respective caretaker on the third day. We were pushed to the limit and there are few things that we can’t really test out due to the limited time with the bike.

The Kawasaki Z800 is a wonderful and a muscular middleweight Naked bike that is currently available in the market. Surely, it is a great contender for bike of the year in 2013. But that is all remain to be seen with the Triumph is also up for the spot to be the bike of the year with their latest street triple. We are looking forward for the chance to have a go on the triumph. But the Kawasaki Z800 is surely something that we can’t avoid in saying how much the value for money the bike is.

Please do watch our film review made by our small production team in such limited time and do stay tune with us for more on other bikes and more on the Z800 in the future. Subscribing to our channel will definitely let us know that we are making the contents for our viewers. Please do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and get in touch with us anytime.

Exciting Weeks in February and March

Kawasaki Z800

With all the filming and production is practically done for the early season of Malaysian Riders motorcycle show, we are quite excited to get it all released for the viewings pleasure of our viewers and not to forget our loyal subscribers. Although our filming process is totally at the level of independent level, we are looking to have significant increment of our production quality and value with every chance possible.

The upcoming weeks of Malaysian Riders and Drivin On will be filled with a few exciting motorcycles and cars that is new to the local Malaysian market and still pretty much relevant to the international market to be viewed. Although we can clarify that we haven’t got the chance to test out the real deal like the Panigale of Ducati or the Aventador of Lamborghini which seems to be making a lot of hits in the Youtube world, we are certainly looking forward and still working hard in getting such opportunity.

Our Youtube Channel subscribers will know that they will be having a great contents from us to be viewed in the upcoming weeks and months as we are looking to release almost 8 videos per month starting this March. The increased of the production meaning that we will be working super hard to ensure that our content is always fresh and entertaining yet informative all at the same time. This is a huge challenge for our small production team and we do hope that it can be assisted by some corporate sponsors or support from any interested parties.

Nissan Murano

Therefore, this also serves as an open invitation to any individuals or organization that would like to see more entertaining stuff from our production to actually be part of our cause and help us in achieving a level much better than before. That is all for now, we do hope that all our audience will stay tune with us for more and please do share about us such as our FACEBOOK PAGE and our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Z250: Kawasaki Baby Naked


Going the distance is really a suitable phrases for Kawasaki in this situation where they are really making a huge effort in trying to capture the market of a small and practical bikes for daily usage. The new Z250 was officially unveiled not too far away from our shore which is in Indonesia and it is anticipated to be here in Malaysia not too long from now. But as for now, we haven’t really got any official words from the people of Kawasaki Malaysia regarding this bike here.

The new Z250 is basically a Ninja 250 with the fairing replaced with a Z800 looks and that is basically it. We already expecting the International media from the European segment are starting to discuss about the possibility of a Z300 being manufactured to really suit their local markets and it is very likely to be happening for them. The technical specification of the Z250 should be similar to the Ninja 250 and we can already expect the bike to be in the same range of the announced Ninja 250 price.


We were not shocked by the announcement of the new Z250 as it is only a logical way of Kawasaki in order to become a dominant force in smaller capacity motorcycle range. We really hope that they wouldn’t sacrifice the characteristic and the soul of the bike by overproducing the bike until it becomes so mainstream and ultimately becoming nothing special to the riders.


For now, we are awaiting for Kawasaki Malaysia to announce about the bike to be here in Malaysia as we are yet to see the new Ninja 250 being sold here in Malaysia. It sure has been taking quite a while for them to finalize the bike for our local market and this is quite puzzling for us as to why hasn’t it be on the road for now. Whatever it is, we really hopes that all our followers will stay tune with us for more updates and please do LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Kawasaki Z800 dan 250R 2013 dilancar

image courtesy of Kawasaki Europe

Setelah sekian lama pengikut perkembangan industri permotoran khususnya bagi jentera motosikal yang tidak sabar-sabar bagi menerima kehadiran jentera Kawasaki yang sudah diperkatakan oleh pihak media selama ini. Kini, pihak Kawasaki Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd telahpun melancarkan dua model yang dinanti-nantikan oleh peminat motosikal jenama dari negara Matahari terbit ini iaitu Kawasaki Z800 dan juga Kawasaki 250R 2013.

Pelancaran yang diadakan di Bandar Sunway itu menyaksikan kehadiran pihak media dan juga pengedar atau kedai-kedai motosikal yang dijemput bagi menyaksikan sendiri kelibat jentera terbaru dari Kawasaki ini buat pertama kalinya di Malaysia. Namun begitu, spesifikasi dan rupa bentuk kedua-dua jentera ini tidak lagi asing dari kita semua kerana gambar jentera tersebut telah lama disebarkan melalui media sebelum ini.

image credited to motomalaya

Apa yang betul-betul dinantikan adalah harga untuk yang diletakkan kepada kedua-dua jentera ini. Diapasang oleh pihak Kawasaki di Thailand, sememangnya boleh dijangka bahawa harga diletakkan haruslah berpatutan dengan pasaran di Malaysia ini. Z800 dikatakan akan dijual dengan harga bermula dari RM47,989 manakala Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2013 dengan harga bermula RM22,589.

image credited to motomalaya

Apapun, pihak Malaysian Riders akan cuba mendapatkan lebih banyak informasi tentang jentera Kawasaki ini untuk dikongsikan bersama anda semua. Kami juga akan cuba mendapatkan kerjasama pihak Kawasaki untuk membuat sebuah filem ulasan tentang jentera Z800 dan juga Kawsaki Ninja 250R 2013 ini. Jadi, teruskan bersama kami di Malaysian Riders untuk mendapatkan informasi yang terkini dari dunia permotoran tanah air dan juga antarabangsa.

Kawasaki 300 for the Future

It really seems like Kawasaki has gone full throttle with their development of their upcoming line ups. Yesterday, we had the Z800 rumors on our news update and today it will be back on Kawasaki. But this time around, the smaller capacity model will be the attention and this is some what interesting from our perspective. As previously mentioned, Kawi will go for a new way of getting their bikes to the market with a slightly changed displacement on each category.

The latest would be the Ninja 300, but this is however somewhat a conflict between the one we previously reported on which is the 2013 Ninja 250R. From our source, the new Kawasaki will be on the displacement of 296cc and be available similar to the one launched in Indonesian market recently. So what it will be, the 300 or 250? For this it will be a big question among the prospects of market in Malaysia and rest of Asean or Asian region in the upcoming weeks.

From the information we had, the bike will have an increase of horsepower produced from the 296cc engine and this will surely gives the baby Ninja a stronger performance in it’s class. But we think it is only fair to say that it’ll be a strong bike in it’s own class. This however is not confirmed whether it will enter which market first. The bike has been a hot news on the net so far but the officials from our country has yet to give any signal of the bike coming to our shore.

Whatever it is, we are hoping for a great news as we are preparing for a somewhat great year ahead from Kawasaki. Stay tune with us Malaysian Riders for more news updates and latest rumors from the local biking world and also from the International side. LIKE our FACEBOOK page and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE channel to get updates from us easily in the future.