Riding Academy


Our team's portfolio
Our team’s portfolio

Thank You for your interest, we are in the process of completing the information to be shown here. Please direct your inquiry directly to our contact us section to learn more about our riding academy program.

Malaysian Riders Academy is a joint effort of multiple organizations:


  1. Hi there, very interested in advance riding course, wanna know is there any course for beginner in Malaysia? Or any upcoming event in schedule? Hope to learn and sharpen on riding technique.
    Wish to hear from u soon.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Dear All,
    i would like know more on the riding academic programme and cost. my son interested to join. He 16 years old this year.

    1. Hello There,

      We would encourage you to get in touch with us for the details through our email at malaysianriders@gmail.com
      As for your child, we are sure that we can accommodate his needs accordingly. All we need to know is that which angle of development will it be
      and on which level is he riding at the moment.

      Thank You

  3. Hi. Do you offer one on one or small group rider training? Want to learn better cornering, wheelie, …, preferrably on smaller motorcycles/supermotard.

    1. We offer both for group and single rider training.
      We will accommodate the training accordingly to which level and angle of the development that the group’s/rider’s wants to focus.

      We do have the access to small bikes/MiniGP as our riding platform.

      Thank You

  4. Hi..I’m returning to motorbike riding after many years..20+…
    I’m looking for a refresher/safe riding course. Is this something you do ?

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