AAM to Assist Bikers

It is a straight forward message from the name of the program itself. Introduced by none other AAM, the body that practically involves with the motoring and automotive industry here in Malaysia. Yes, for the lack of better word; we just say that they are the body that involves with the automotive thingy. Being honest … More AAM to Assist Bikers

OUR STORY: Tyga Malaysia and Engine Ice Malaysia

To all you people out there who has been following us for quite some time, it must have been quite obvious for you to find that Malaysian Riders has been in a professional relationship and collaboration with the following business entity. TYGA Malaysia and Engine Ice Malaysia, they are both being managed by our fellow … More OUR STORY: Tyga Malaysia and Engine Ice Malaysia

Future of Modenas?

Malaysia, a nation that we called home. Malaysian Riders will always be proud for our root, but there are limits to what we can agree or what we can accept even as a Malaysian. Although we have made our marks on the International level with the motorsports involvement from both our athletes and organizers. But … More Future of Modenas?