Moto 3 Test Completed by ADC Riders

ADC riders who attended the Moto3 test - from left Khairul Idham Pawi, Aditya Pangestu, Sarath Kumar, Andi Farid, Chuang An Yu and Syunya Mori
With the rest of the PETRONAS Asia Road Racing Championship contingent taking some time-off racing, top-performers of the 2014 Asia Dream Cup series got the chance to test actual Honda Moto3 machines at the Pasir Gudang Circuit in Johor.The two-day test that began on Monday was attended by reigning Champion and FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 Junior World Championship bound, Khairul Idham Pawi from Malaysia, Syunya Mori from Japan, India’s Sarath Kumar, Taiwan’s Chuang An-Yu and Aditya Pangestu and Andi Farid from Indonesia.
India’s Sumit Loucs Toppo was supposed to be in attendance as well but had to pull out last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.This is the first time that the Asia Dream Cup Moto3 test was held at the Pasir Gudang Circuit. For the past two years the test was immediately done at the Losail Circuit following the conclusion of the PETRONAS Asia Road Racing Championship.Boon Siew Honda Snd Bhd Motorsports Manager, Rodney Peh reported a ‘positive’ conclusion to the proceedings having evaluated the riders performance on the Honda NSF250R Moto3 machines.
“Our objectives letting the riders test the Moto3 machines is to give them exposure and reward them for their good performance in last year’s Asia Dream Cup. We believe the experience gained here is crucial for them especially for Khairul who will be making a switch to the Moto3 Junior World Championship this season,” he said. “Overall we had a very good test and the weather has been great. All the riders got the chance to test an actual race bike with factory components, a different chassis and engine specifications as opposed to the production bike they use in the ADC. All of them were very pleased and happy to be given this rare opportunity.”
“This test was also beneficial for the engineers as well. It gave them the platform to understand the technical side of maintaining and preparing a Moto3 machine,” he added

November KO2T Shatters Own Record


It was about a week ago from this article’s date, the 3rd consecutive round of Kuala Selangor King of 2T 2014 was held successfully at the small and humble circuit of Kuala Selangor. The clubman type racing series was introduced back in June 2014 and it has been growing ever since it’s first inception. This actually shows how our motorsports scene is in a healthy condition and with such a high demand for more of an affordable type of motoring activity.

Our local informer at the circuit of Kuala Selangor and even some of our friends who were participating in the event shared their enthusiasm with us in Malaysian Riders with some facts and figures of the event. To make it short, the event shows a significant improvement in terms of support and it’s participants as well. The King of 2T had grown more than 4 times in it’s size from it’s first event with the latest being participated by more than 270 riders from all kind of categories.


Impressive really, considering the stature of the event and the lack of funding that they had in organizing it. Kudos to the team of Inspiration Motorsports Club along with it’s associates and even the local youth governing body that was involved in making the event a reality. Being a 2T event, which meant that it consists of an army of 2 strokes machinery from all kind of makes and classes. This surely can be an interesting sight to those who enjoy the classic feels; sounds and smell of the 2 stroke motorcycles.

The premier class of the series, or should we say the KING OF THE KING category which consisted of a mixed open exhaust modification 150cc bikes was an absolute thriller to watch. At least, that was what our informer told us. The category won by Ahrah Ahmad followed by a second place finish by M.Fikri and a third place finish by M.Zahier. We can be sure that these lads are certainly overjoyed with their achievement and we can only say that they should be working harder to improve themselves for the upcoming events to come.


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Zaqhwan Determined after Indonesian Round Win

Zaqhwan Zaidi 21 leading the SuperSports 600cc race in Indonesia ahead of M Fadli and Dimas Ekky

Rising SuperSports 600cc rider, Mohd Zaqhwan Zaidi is hoping to carry his winning momentum from Indonesia to the Autopolis Circuit in Japan for Round Three of the PETRONAS Asia Road Racing Championship this weekend. His third year competing in the premiere class, the Musashi Boon Siew Honda Racing rider shocked the ARRC quartet in at the Sentul Circuit last June to secure his maiden SuperSports 600cc victory in Race 2 in a hard fought battle against his more experienced peers.

Zaqhwan had also impressed in the qualifying to earn his career’s first front row start before transforming it into a sixth place finish in Race 1. “I am still over the moon from our success in Indonesia. It was my best performance to date since stepping into the SuperSports 600cc and I want to keep the momentum rolling in Japan this weekend,” said Zaqhwan. The 19-year old however maintains a modest target to just finish on the podium rather than gunning for a win knowing that the 4.673 kilometre is home to SuperSports 600cc heavyweight, Katsuaki Fujiwara of Beet Kawasaki Racing.

Zaqhwan Zaidi hoping to build on Indonesia momentum at Autopolis

“Although I am very happy with the win, I will not let it get to my head. I will need to score a lot more wins and podiums before putting myself on the same level with the usual frontrunners.” “We approach the Autopolis track with a realistic mindset because this is Kawasaki’s homeground and they have yet to lose a race here. In that sense my target is just to finish on the podium but if there is an opportunity to grab the chequered flag, I will not hesitate to take it. Hopefully my teammates, Zamri Baba and Makoto Tamada can help me,” said Zaqhwan.

Zaqhwan’s impressive form puts him fourth in the overall standing with 46 points, 20 points shy from teammate and championship leader, Mohd Zamri Baba who has 66 points under his belt. Sandwiched between the two Honda riders are Kawasaki’s Yudhistira and Katsuaki Fujiwara with 59 points and 49 points.

Zaqhwan Zaidi talking to his mechanic in Indonesia

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Zaqhwan Zaidi at the Malaysian World Superbike Championship in SEpang last weekend

If it is every rider’s dream to make it to the world championships, then for team owners, the dream would be to grow their establishment to the point where they too, would be running an outfit at the international level. For former Malaysian GP rider Shahrol Yuzy Ahmad Zaini, this dream has been the motivation factor behind his relentless efforts to continue developing more Malaysian riders with international potential.

Yuzy’s eye for talent and ability to inspire the best from his riders has been proven not just once but twice. First with Zulfahmi Khairuddin, and most recently through Mohd Zaqhwan Zaidi’s creditable World SuperSports wildcard foray in the inaugural Malaysian round of the World Superbike Championship where the 19-year old made an impression to finish ninth in the Supersports category.

However, Yuzy believes that his work is far from done and is not one to rest on his laurels based on the achievements of his proteges. “When I first hung up my racing boots, my dream was to eventually take Yuzy Racing international. But that is something that requires many years of hard work before it can come to fruition. That is the reason why this year, I have expanded our operations at the Asian region by collaborating with a Japanese team, T.Pro Innovation headed by Yusuke Teshima,” said Yuzy.

Shahrol Yuzy
Together, they form Team T.Pro Yuzy Honda in the 2014 PETRONAS FIM Asia Road Racing Championship line-up and features an international 6-rider stable comprising of three SuperSports 600cc riders and three Underbone 130cc riders. In the premiere class, the team manages yet another former Moto2 rider Tomoyoshi Koyama alongside Satoru Iwata and Indonesian ace M. Fadli Immammuddin. In the Underbone class, the team is represented by two Malaysian riders Mohd Rozaiman Said and Mohd Amirul Ariff Musa as well as Japanese rookie Taiga Hada.
On paper, both team owners share a lot of similarities. Both are former riders who have made it into the international scene. But more importantly, both are driven by their passion for developing young Asian riders. “We are working together because we both want to keep the original dream alive. By the term ‘original dream’, we mean placing riders at the world championships by our own path, and running our own international outfit,” Yuzy explained.

“In the past, riders initially identified and then developed by the national teams must leave the team in order to race at the regional and international level. A good example right now would be Zaqhwan who races for my team in the national championship but represents MUSASHi Boon Siew Honda the factory team, in the Asian region. That is good for the rider but it also means that there is little chance for the team to grow alongside the talent that we have developed,” he added.

“By working together with team T.Pro Innovation, Yuzy Racing with our expertise in Underbone racing becomes the training ground for young Japanese riders who have just graduated from pocket bikes. When these riders are ready to step up to the higher capacities, we now have a natural conduit to the SuperSports 600cc category. For now, at the initial stages of our partnership, you could say that we are something of a one-stop shop for developing riders. Eventually, we hope to also mould our team into a pipeline for Asian riders into the world level,” Yuzy concluded.

Words and Photos by ARRC NEWS

2014 Season of Malaysian Riders

With the posting of our pre-show film as of today, it marks our real comeback to the scene of motorcycling show to the world. Well that is quite a statement, but hey; we are aiming high to achieve a supreme quality with our motorcycling show. In terms of visual and also, the quality of the content itself. We have been working hard to ensure that we met the pre-determined scheduled set by our founder and surely we are looking good to achieve that.


Therefore, be sure to stay tune to our youtube channel whether you are watching from mobile, computers or maybe even your 42-inch television. We are excited to share with every single one of you viewers that we will be reducing our production of films starting this year to ensure better preparation and quality to the films we are making. It will be a little bit similar to the approach of our beloved inspiration “BBC Top Gear”. Or at least, that’s what we think.

Below are the scheduled films to be released by episode from our Malaysian Riders production team:

  1. BMW HP4: A Retold Story
  2. Ducati Hypermotard: TBC Title
  3. Kayo MiniGP: Budget Racer For All
  4. Kawasaki Z1000: The Z Series 
  5. Aprilia Capanord: Journey to the Sea of Red
  6. Honda 500 Series: TBC Title


Those are currently the films that will be made by our production team and we shall ensure all of it be made into this year’s 2014 show. Some of you might be thinking. why there are so little films to be released. Not to be worried, these are just the main films that we call as our “premium effort”. There are surely more than 20 films to be made this year ranging from all kind of bikes, regardless of their capacity.


Following from our collaboration with Motomalaya.Net we will be releasing lots and lots of films on the smaller bikes to cater our local viewers and yes, it will be done in Malay language with subtitles to accompany it; just in case.


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Honda NSS300: Another Scooter for us?


Now, we understand clearly that this is not the latest news about this particular model on the motoring news lately. We certainly don’t intend to be the first at telling you readers about this scooter just like everybody else in the motoring media arena. But we certainly wants to give you a piece of our opinion towards this new product by Boon Siew Honda or at least their latest entry to the market.

The NSS300 Forza Scooter, the name sounds impressive to our ears. But is it really that impressive to be ridden? Well that is a question that we ourselves don’t have the answer yet, but since their PCX150; we are quite confident that this is another product by Honda that you just can’t go wrong with. But that doesn’t mean it can give you the excitement or that certain feeling of exclusivity of riding a scooter, well that is all remains to be seen. If and only if, we can have a go with it at some point.


The mid-sized scooter comes with a 279cc liquid cooled SOHC 4-stroke engine that said to delivered 19kW at 7.5k RPM and max torque of 26Nm at 5k of rpm. Now that is not the most impressive engine performance that we’ve seen since our involvement in the motoring industry. But this is a scooter, what more do you expect from one? For us, the introduction of this model will give more option to the people in Malaysia for a mid-sized scooter that has the looks and performance to be purchased. But do we really need more mid-sized scooter here in Malaysia? Are we really the kind of society that loves these kinds of product or machine?

The answer is a huge YES for us. We love the idea of a scooter, ever since our test rider got the chance to really have a go with a BMW C600 Sport recently. He gave us his thought on how the practicality of a scooter is just beyond great. It is a superb invention that is already been around for a long time and think that this is the right time for these manufacturers to introduce more scooters or the likes of it to the market. So that people move on from those moped to this mid-sized scooter for their daily ride.


What more can be said, the price of this NSS300 doesn’t sounds absurdly expensive at all. The market and consumer shall now have a better options to play around in this scooter market and we will be seeing the growth of the trend in maybe the next couple of years. But this is all depends on how the players in the market wants to shape the industry. RM26,768 for the basic model sounds good enough but that really depends on how it performs against the test that we’ll be making. Maybe.

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Ducati 1199 Panigale S Ridden


Although the Panigale has been in the global market for more than a year now, it was not only until recently that us in Malaysian Riders got the chance to play around with the bike. Our test rider was very lucky to be given this chance by his friend who is an owner of this exotic Italian motorcycle. It all starts with a discussion he says and it led into becoming a project in reality. A project for us in Malaysian Riders to film the bike although the bike was no more a factory standard.

The Panigale S was undoubtedly a very beautiful bike to look at and our test rider even say that this is probably the most beautiful bike ever made, but some might not like the design. But put aside the looks and please take a look at the specification of this impressive motorcycle. Some will think that the specification is amazing but little did they know that the Panigale is actually a super difficult bike to master and that is probably why they haven’t really shine in the World Superbike Championship.


The price tag, around RM186,000 on the road and that is nearly 100% more than any Japanese superbikes currently in the market. But when you are paying that kind of money, do you expect it to be better or worse than the far cheaper Japanese Superbikes? Naturally you would expect it to be better all around but that was not the case when our test rider took it for a test run in a few days he got to spend with the bike. The bike was so difficult to ride and it is will all over the place and never seems to like the open road too much. Yes it handles like a normal sportsbike, but there is just something missing from the bike.

The Panigale feels wobly at some places and that was probably due to the epic feather weight of the bike. The none existence of the chassis might also play a huge part in the wobbliness of the bike in turns. The tire that came with the bike was the road going supercorsa and that brings the bike to a nervous grip level and it was really uncomfortable to be ridden without the inspiration of confident to the ride. But that was not a totally huge problems and according to some little discussion with other Panigale owners, with a change to the stickier SC2 the bike felt way better than before.


The biggest issue for us with the Panigale was the fact that it doesn’t feel truly fit to live in our Malaysian weather condition. All year hot and humid might prove to be the biggest challenge for anyone who will be the owner of this exotica. The heat produce by the 195hp motor was unbearable at some point and really annoys us through out the filming. But that may not be the case for those who live somewhere else like our friends in Europe and such. But to be honest, our test rider easily forget about the heat when he really gets in tune with the Panigale and according to what he says; the bike is super special to be ridden around town.

The fuel consumption of the bike felt normal and was nothing unusual even if compared to the other superbikes out there in the market. But one must always remember that the bike will eventually run out of fuel if the rider keeps pushing it and it is easy to spot the low fuel indicator as it will starts to give out warning even at 1/3 of the fuel tank(probably). Aside from that, the bike felt fine with the dashboard is proven to be the most beautiful ever on any motorcycle ridden by us in Malaysian Riders.

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