Megelli 250

image credited to original owner

A new bike?? Not really.. At least us in Malaysian Riders don’t think so.. Because this bike has been on the market for quite a while now.. well International market of course..

So just around this time, the hype of this bike getting in the Malaysian market seems to be soaring up. This is good for us Malaysian as we are always lacking in the automotive industries if to be compared to our ASEAN counterparts like Thailand or Indonesia.

But there is a little bit of a funny story to this bike, the manufacturer is a British but most of the bike if not 100% were manufactured in CHINA. So this comes as a warning to anyone who is expecting European bike quality. But then again, it is very cheap.

image by Megelli

It comes in two variation which is a naked and a full fairing model, and both are expected to be priced around RM18,000 (OTR) and below which is not too bad. Thus, adding the competition in the 250cc categories which now being dominated by the “baby ninja” of Kawasaki.

image by Megelli

Well enough about this bike for now, stay tune with us for more updates on the bike and maybe.. just maybe.. we will make a review or opinion film for this bike.. when? Well check us out everyday for any announcements on it..



  1. is it powerful enough to beat ninja 250 in order to win the market?
    just wondering if people just attracted by the “ducati-cbr” looks alike..hehe..

  2. with engine single cylinder and sbk look like…if u attarcted to thier look its ok..but not in performance and engine…good and recomended to beginner before upgrade to another class cc bike myb 400cc and above…

  3. i wonder why isn’t the bike scene in malaysia not as interesting as in thailand and indonesia? here, we make fun of the mat indons so to speak and yet their biking world so ahead of us. imagine, we have only yamaha fz150 here and why indonesia has a similar bike with a displacement of 225 cc in its scorpio? why was there never the honda city sport 125 here? we get the scrappy 115 dash and the dull ultimo instead. they even have bajaj 200 an indian bike made with austrian tech. what i can say is the mat rempits here are so syok sendri!

    1. hisham dean…your are right..mat rempit here syok sendiri with their so cal racing bike…if there any sprint test competition along bikers from thailand or indonesia i’ll bet malaysia bike will makan asap jerr..

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