Burning Some Rubbers

image credited to SIC

22nd of April 2012, the sun was up and the sky was clear. Certainly a great day for a trackday session and that is exactly what happened yesterday at the Sepang International Circuit. This time around, it is only for bikes with capacity less than 400cc. It was surely a great chance for riders with smaller bikes to enjoy the world class facility in Sepang and to enjoy the track and their bikes.

image courtesy of Fonzie Labodo

Malaysian Riders was present to catch a glimpse of the action and we have our own rider out on the track to share some of the action onboard the Kawasaki Ninja 150 or better known as Kawasaki Kips. The baby ninja is a 2-stroke machine with 149cc displacement and easily produce more than 30hp which gives a fairly great amount of power needed to enjoy the wide track of sepang.

Check out the video below for the action onboard the baby ninja.


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