CBR500: the challenger from Honda

image credited to original poster.. whoever he/she is..

Well lately the netizens from all over the globe has been spreading the images captured very recently of what seems to be the rumored CBR500 from Honda. While the Japanese manufacturer has yet to release any kind of official teaser or statement regarding the bike, but the people that are not related or we assume they are not related to Honda has been actively spreading the words regarding the bike.

image credited to original poster.. whoever he/she is..

We can say that it is a healthy development if and only if the bike is truly in development phase in some point. Rather than just being a fictional or a concept bike which can really mean it won’t be around soon. But seeing from the first ever photo which were said to be captured from the factory in Thailand, we can really see the bike is very much real than fiction. Although no one can confirm about the bike, but speculation for now is the best bet that we can have any clue about it.

What our sources has told us about the bike is that it won’t be much of a racing desired bike, but it will rather be an economical and practical type of thing. Well just take a look at the “specification” here:

– 470cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin
– Six-speed manual
– 46.9bhp
– 30lb/ft of torque
– 401lbs (dry)/430lbs (wet)
– 105mph top speed
– 31-inch seat height
– 120/70-17 (front)/160-60-17 (rear)

Not too impressive isn’t it? but still, it makes enough power to be fun and we are always more than happy to accept a new comer like this. This does mean more choice for us to play around with bikes in the future. Well for now, all we can do is just stay tune and hope that when Honda decided to make the official release of the bike; we won’t be the country that get the merchandise last.

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