Vespa LX150.. Tested and Reviewed


A few weeks before, we’ve had been given a great chance to test out one of the most famous brand in the world that probably so well known that people are confused with the brand into a type of motorcycle. Vespa, a brand that originated from Italy and was founded around the 40’s by it’s key person back in the day which is Enrico Piaggio; the son of Rinaldo Piaggio who is the founder of the brand itself.

Well enough with the history, now let’s discuss about the Vespa LX150. The 150cc scooter by the Italian manufacturer which was introduced back in 2006 was a scooter that really take the people in the industry with a smile, Why? This is probably because the Vespa produced such a memorable machine and when the time has come to introduce a new generation of scooter it doesn’t really make any drastic changes into their overall looks.


Only the technology of the engine that has been changed by the firm in order to keep up with the world’s intention of cleaner and more efficient engine. So forget about 2-stroke sounds, it now has the signature sound of a CVT 4-stroke engine like any other scooters out there. Our test rider had the chance to really test out the bike in local Malaysian condition with the highly dense traffic and not to forget the climate that is changing all the time. The bike is surprisingly tough and it’s not right for us if we didn’t mention the classy and great looks it has.

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  1. I get asked about the bike more often when I ride LX150 than any other bikes that I ride. It’s such a happy machine!

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