New Season: What to Expect?


New year and new season, so much things to expect from us and also from the rest of the industry. When everything seems to be new sometimes it is good to wonder what kind of new thing that we can expect from this year’s automotive scene. Lot’s of stuff that has been revealed for the 2013 by manufacturers but most of it are still not coming in to our shore yet. But surely, they will enter our market slowly and surely it will be a hot things for us to discuss and for the market to

Waiting for it in 2013.. Come on Boon Siew Honda!
Waiting for it in 2013.. Come on Boon Siew Honda!

For us, one of the most exciting stuff that we are eager to look at is the new 2013 Honda bikes with 500cc engine. Let say, the CB500X which seems to be a unique platform that is still lacking in our market but may just be a different story if Boon Siew Honda decides to bring them in. If they are planning to bring it in, then the main question is how quick will that be? Rest assured that we will be there to cover the stories and yes review films on it we shall do.

Lot’s of changes is going to take place in this industry whether the local industry or the international. One of it is the MotoGP which will introduce a new system to the competition and it may not be a very good addition to the world championship. Regardless of that, we can say that changes sometimes is necessary and even us in Malaysian Riders will make some changes. What is our changes? Well for that, we will have to wait for just a little bit more time as we need to prepare ourselves first and be ready for the execution.

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  1. It is a big mistake if boonsiew do not release new cb500 honda in this year as many company such as benelli have allready their new benelli 600 tnt at lower price.. But some still waiting for the honda trios…

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