Honda Revealed 2013 MotoGP Machine


It seems like yesterday when Lorenzo was crowned the world champion in MotoGP for 2012 season. Now, the heat for the world’s pinnacle anualmotorcycling racing event are looking to start with the teams starting their preparation for the new season. Honda recently revealed their 2013 machine along with their riders Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez were present at the event in Madrid.

The unveiling shows the new scheme of the bike with what some would say gives a better cleaner looks to it. Apart from the looks, people of Honda had stated that their 2013 racing machine have some extra punch and have a better fuel efficiency than before. Well, whatever they say must be true and at least there is something to talk about regarding these wonderful racing machine.


Although we are mostly motorheads here at the writing desk of Malaysian Riders and we trully love the sports. It really seems that the MotoGP somehow has loss it’s grip on our interest and if it’s not because of Zulfahmi’s appearance in the Moto3 class, we really think that the sport has really gone a dull way ever since new rules and regulation has been implemented in the championship. It has becomes too predictable and the big teams really seems untouchable at the top and that is not a great recipe for an entertaining race.


We are really hoping that this season of MotoGP can be trully entertaining and competitive from every team involved. As for that, we will try to bring in more news and updates in the future and please do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL in order to get the latest updates from Malaysian Riders.


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