Lotus Motorcyles


It’s been a while since we last update our main site here. We have been pretty busy with a lot of filming and LIVE events in our home country, Malaysia. Writing about Malaysia, it is only necessary for us to state that Lotus brand is somehow connected with the Malaysian national car maker Proton.

But there is a new development involving the Lotus name and it is more direct to our main interest. The two wheels machinery. The news about a new motorcycle firm coming to the  2-wheels segment with Lotus name connected to it. We are pretty confused when we first heard about the news, since we haven’t really got any official press release or anything from our local Lotus firm. But then again, we are quite invisible to them anyways.

The new Lotus Motorcycle were said to have no direct connection with the “REAL” Lotus, but it borrows the branding of Lotus and it seems to be making quite a hype for now. The bike to be launched was rumored to have 200hp which is quite a statement for something that is not physically real yet, or to put it in better words; a bike that is still top secret for now. We reckon that it could be a big surprise or it could be the other way around and for that we are excite to know more about it.

Since there are no official photo of the bike yet, we can only pleasure ourselves with a small teaser from Lotus Motorcycles and wait for it’s official launch later. To get more updates from us, do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for our main video contents.

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