Kawasaki to Introduce New Z1000


Great news to all the Kawasaki fans out there and most probably all the fans of affordable big bike motorcycle out there. Kawasaki has recently release a kind of teaser for the general public regarding the new upcoming Z1000 to make it’s way to the market probably the earliest in 2014. We take this news with a delight and we are of course happy to see the Kawasaki’s effort in really gaining their popularity with the consumers by introducing new exciting products at this phenomenal rate.

The new Z1000 has been said will improved the bike in an overall sense but yes, that is what the manufacturers always said with their new product. Malaysian Riders as at this moment has no clue on what kind of improvement they are talking about, but we do take their intention about not being the most powerful and the fastest as something that can indicate that the bike should be an all rounder for the consumers. But that is all remain to be seen when they actually be unveiled at the 2013 EICMA in Milan.

We will keep ourselves close to the news development on this particular bike and we do hope that we’ll have your trust to deliver more news on the new Z1000 in the future. With that, we urge you to stay tune with us for more updates in the future. Please do SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to get the latest updates on our review films and get up close with us through our FACEBOOK PAGE.

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