Malaysian Moto2 Riders Supports the MiniGP


On a recent stint of our team with the Malaysian Moto 2 riders, WSBK Supersports wildcard rider and a young rider of Asian Talent Cup opens up our view and further strengthen our confidence towards the MiniGP machine. As a recap, our test rider Muhammad Rashidi did gave his opinion and made a film out of it. He did mentioned that the MiniGP is essentially a must try or must own by all riders out there to improve their knowledge of riding in a much safer environment but at the same time, retaining the adrenaline that you gets from riding a bigger and more powerful bikes.

Watch our film, Kayo MiniGP: A Story of Adrenaline and get to know more about the bike and how to get it or even rent it at the lovely and highly technical circuit of USJ. Getting back to our main point of discussion, we join in with Malaysian superstar of motorcycle racing like Hafizh Syahrin, Azlan Shah, Zaqhwan Zaidi and even the young and talented Helmi azman of the Asian Talent Cup program to go for a spin with the MiniGP bike. The intention of such activity was to tap into the mind of our national riders and see what they think about the bike as Pitrides along with all it’s associates get themselves ready for the upcoming 1 Minimoto Challenge event.

1MC-Poster_Int small

To make is short, all of our star studded riders gave a positive acknowledgement towards the machine and sees it as a great platform to further improve the sports here in Malaysia. Azlan Shah, rider of Idemitsu Honda Team Asia which currently competes in the Moto 2 championship states that he finds it interesting to see the development of MiniGP into becoming a platform of it’s own Championship in the near future. This simultaneously gives the event of 1 Minimoto Challenge a great value to itself and serves as a great platform in starting up a proper motorsports culture here in Malaysia.

Azlan Shah commenting on MiniGP into having it’s own full season Championship

Stay tune with us as we follow closely with the development of the MiniGP and the 1 Minimoto Challenge event that sets to kick off on the 24th of August 2014 at the Elite USJ Speedway. Riders from Malaysia along with some riders from Hong Kong, Canada and USA, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia will be competing in the diverse category available in the event. Get to know more about the event HERE and do LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL in getting the latest updates from Malaysian Riders; Home to Motorcycle Enthusiast.

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