Growing Local Motorsports Culture?

Following from our new film on Malaysian Superbike Championship, we would like to touch on the issue of cultivating Motorsports as a culture here in Malaysia. The organization that we are running here truly holds it’s root to Motorsports in most of our activities and approach. It may no be as perfect as we would hope for but we are certainly working at the very best that we can to achieve our goal. What is that goal? Well then, let’s talk about our vision from Malaysian Riders.

Motorsports here in Malaysia was introduced probably more than 20 years ago; with the likes of Malaysian Cubprix and even MotoGP or Superbike race which was held at the legendary circuit of Batu Tiga. Now the track is no more, but some remnants of it’s inhabitants and passionate riders and racers are still around to carry their passion to the new venue like Sepang Circuit. Understandably, 20 or 30 years of Motorsports history in Malaysia is nothing if it is to be compared with the Spaniard or British; but the push from corporate sector like Petronas has been visible enough for the past 10 years to show that we are serious in getting into the world of Motorsports.

image credited to syamim mokhtar blog
image credited to syamim mokhtar blog

From our humble view, we saw that the passion towards this high adrenaline activities had already reached it’s tipping point during the “Batu Tiga” era. But somehow, it drops and continuously decreasing in terms of proper development and understanding towards the activity as a whole. Without doubt, the fans of Formula 1 and MotoGP are still huge in numbers here in Malaysia. The same cannot be said for our local racing and the poorest of them all is the Malaysian Superbike Championship or previously known as Malaysian Super Series.

What happened now? The question may be simple but the answer is quite complicated to be discussed in just one writings. We may require some extra opinion from our readers and followers for this. As for us in Malaysian Riders, we are working the best we can to reach out and create more contents that touch on our local Motorsports scene so that more and more people will be aware of it. Ultimately, we are trying to cultivate the true passion for Motorsports here in Malaysia so that we can have it as part of our culture. As for now, please do enjoy our contents and be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE for our stories.

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