Dato Sagor Challenge 2015

Awesome photos by Fariedz Fictionator
Awesome photos by Fariedz Fictionator

It was a pleasure for us in Malaysian Riders to be made as a media partner of this year’s Dato Sagor Challenge. The event was held from the 30th of May 2015 till the 31st of May 2015 was a fourth consecutive event held yearly with the same name. It was commonly known among it’s followers as DSC which originally stands for Dato Sagor Circuit but it was later changed this year by it’s main organizer United Leperianz to Dato Sagor Challenge.


Without fail, the event managed to get a consistent amount of participants each year to make camp (we say that, they were actually staying in chalet and nearby hotels) around Kampung Gajah, Perak. The circuit which situated right across the river from the historical venue of Pasir Salak holds an interesting layout and quite a wonderful scenery to it’surrounding. In 2015, the organizer manage to tight up with few interesting collaborators such as Pitrides Motorsports and Warisan Bandor to further ensure the event be held successfully this year.

Awesome photos by Fariedz Fictionator
Awesome photos by Fariedz Fictionator

Following from all the collaboration made and a support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports this year’s Dato Sagor Challenge managed to grab the attention of 51 brave participants to compete across 4 main categories. There are 150cc 2-stroke category and an underbone segment of both 4-stroke and 2-stroke being competed. The interesting addition to this year’s event was the MiniGP Challenge which saw 12 riders on the grid competes on both Open and Rental categories.

The event was set to be an annual gathering of motorcycle and Motorsports enthusiast across Malaysia to showcase their talent in the sport. More than 300 people turn out to the witness the event and considering the small event scale that can be seen; it’s truly a wonderful sight to watch when all the riders line up on the grid and ready for their race. The even kick off on Saturday with free practice on track A and B; followed by qualifying session before the riders got to race on Sunday’s Race 1 and Race 2.

Awesome photos by Fariedz Fictionator
Awesome photos by Fariedz Fictionator

Ultimately, we felt that it is important that all organizations that concerns on the field of Motorsports and motorcycling take a closer towards the hunger of our local talents and enthusiast in looking for more Motorsports event that they can participate. Kudos to all the sponsors of the Dato Sagor Challenge such as Alpinestars, Shark Helmets, Motostylestors, Amnig, Five Gloves and Automoto for their bravery towards supporting the event. Our biggest respect went to all the riders for their effort in turning up and making the journey just for the sake of participating in the Motorsports event.


We are looking forward for the return of the Dato Sagor Challenge in the coming year and Malaysian Riders surely will be there to support the event as much as possible. For those who are interested to participate in these kind of Motorsports event, do stay around our site and keep an eye on our Event in Focus section for more cool events. For more info and news on motorcycles and Motorsports; please do stay tune with us on Malaysian Riders through our main website, FACEBOOK PAGE and our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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