Yamaha Super Moped? Y15ZR…


Once again, we came in late into the market to talk about what seems to be “the hottest bike” in the market for such price that is. Nevertheless we would like to pour a little bit of our opinion to the matter. Priced at RM7,999.82 after GST not inclusive of the on the road thingy and what not; the Y15ZR marks as a tipping point for Yamaha’s future sales health in Malaysian market. We’re foreseeing that the growth will be positive in the next 6 to 12 months.

Enough about our somewhat not too-economist like prediction on the bike’s sales and let’s get down to our expectation of how it should performs. In general, the number150 sounds like it should be more capable and powerful compared to the 135cc machined namely the Yamaha “LC”. But we’re curious if it can really proves to be a “better” performing bike than it’s smaller cousin.  Y15ZR should be able to beat it’s own benchmark sets by it’s own brand and also gives an astounding lead over it’s closest rival such as Suzuki’s Belang.

From our view, the design and general built quality doesn’t seem too bad and in some way it’s quite nice too look at. But we may be tricked into believing it that way since we’re getting to see the “media/public” exhibition model of it. So manufacturers all over the world tend to put the best specimen they have to show to the world. So just a reminder to all of us potential owner of this machine, don’t get easily excited from just looking at it and reading it’s specification. It may not be as good as boasted through the medias or even your friends.


Other than that, we are also looking to find out the efficiency of it’s new motors and how well it handles the “demands” of our everyday rider that commutes around 50km to 100km daily, maybe lesser depending on who’s riding. But then again, it doesn’t really matter on what kind of results it produces; there will still be die hard fans of it lining up to own it and modify it straight away and change the whole riding physics of it. Then it will be pointless to even talk about it in standard machine perspective.

Malaysian Riders being MR, we extremely love the handling part of any machine we’re testing; the super moped by Yamaha here should be interesting to be tested especially in a track condition or twisty roads like those in Kuala Klawang and really feel the easness of it’s handling. For sure it will be like “point and shoot” kind of riding, not much worries about it’s weight and already short wheelbase. It’ll be amazing, can’t wait to test it (coming from our test riders especially the guy with “siku buruk” reputation).

That is all for now, we’re hoping to talk about it in-depth in the coming weeks or months to come. Stay tune with us, Malaysian Riders; home to motorcycle enthusiast. Some say, the best platform to enjoy alternative kind of motorcycle information and entertainment; we like to believe that as well (LoL). Check us out on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE for more of our awesomeness.

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