Kickstart Your Motorsports Life: Braaap Trackday


It was back in 2011 when the core founding members of Malaysian Riders got into the world of motorcycle and at the same time the world of motorsports. Back then, everything was unknown to our team and we got very lucky to have met a few people that set the course of our organization into what it is right now. When it comes to motorsports, there’s a fine line between having it right and having it wrong. Most people would just say that all you need is a machine to ride, the right gears and a place to do so. But we tend to see it differently, yes all those things are essential to a motorsports activity; but there is another factor that really defines the right kind of motorsports life that you choose. It’s the environment and the circle that you hang around with; in other words, the type of group that you will join.

It seems like this article came out in between a time of feud between a few groups of motorsports enthusiast with one particular organizer and a circuit management; and it looks like the article is just for the sake of taking advantage of the situation. But that is actually not the case; we were called upon to write this article after having a quick chat with the founder of Braaap Trackday and seeing how we share a common vision towards preparing a motorsports platform for the low and middle income group of riders. Braaap Trackday may not be a fully structured organization like those of Sepang Circuit or others; but they have a strong vision to accommodate the needs coming from the said group of riders, an affordable and valuable track experience.

In the current state of our nation’s economy, more and more people or organizations are cutting down their expenses and this is true as well for your personal hobby such as motorcycle riding. According to the information we gathered, Braaap Trackday is meant just for that; to serves as an affordable platform for current and future generation to enjoy track riding. They have been successfully hosted in 3 subsequent times and had attracted a majority first timer. This is great to further develop interest towards the right motorsports culture here in Malaysia. Obviously, there are still much to be done by them and much to learn for both Mr. Azwan and Mr. Aqmal as the core members of the organization. But we are certain that they will be able to achieve great things in the future with the right kind of guidance and collaboration in their upcoming efforts.

Braaap Trackday may seem small, it may seem like a one-off event; but they are definitely a growing name within the small bikes community. This upcoming November will see them hosting yet another event in the International Kart Circuit of Sepang and as usual; it will be done at night. Many had joined in the past and for this upcoming event; more people will surely be making their way to the great circuit over in Sepang. The fee of registration will range in between below RM150 per bike and the early bird beginner or first time track rider will usually be given some coaching and explanation on the rules and regulation to be on track. It may not be as great as what you hope, but you’d be surprised how this can help someone to change their perspective in riding for the future.

For all of us in Malaysian Riders, we are hoping for great things for everyone involved in the development of Malaysian motorsports scene. As for Braaap, we are hoping that they’ll remain true to themselves and keep on doing a great job to promote extreme motorcycle riding in a safe environment. For more info and news in the upcoming future, please do stay tune with us on FACEBOOK and do watch some of our film contents on YOUTUBE.

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