KTM 1050 Adventure Film Production


What’s great about going places in our production? We got to meet up with cool people along the way. The production of KTM 1050 Adventure film which took place around the east coast region of Malaysia; or Kelantan to be exact, it brought us closer to their enthusiastic KTM motorcycle owners and fans. It was such a great atmosphere to be filming in Kelantan for a few days as we got to experience different working environment for our bike test.


The KTM 1050 Adventure passes our test to be a great machine of adventure-touring motorcycle for those who are looking to familiarize in the segment. Our team finds the bike pretty much adequate to be used in most condition and gave a great level of satisfaction. During our stay in Kelantan, a group of passionate KTM fans got together to welcome the 1050 to their territory and shared their interest towards the bike. The night was organized by our collaborator and KTM authorized dealer; Red Wheels. It was a great night with lots of great delicacies native to Kelantan and awesome atmosphere to chill.


The KTM 1050 Adventure will be the first of the film to be released in our 2016 MR Motorcycle Show which is set to be in July 2016. More news and updates will be shared through our portals and we wish that all of our followers and friends to stay tune with us for the next few months.

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