Why Malaysian Riders Moving to Cinematic Storytelling?


When we first started out in the industry, our sole interest was all about getting our hands on cool new motorcycles as seen from our counterparts in Europe and Americas. But throughout 2012 to 2015, we’ve felt increasingly challenged to properly execute our vision to make quality opinion films or videos to our audience in the vision that we desire. Delays of motorcycle confirmation between getting it here in Malaysia and actually getting our hands on the bike actually differs up to 3 to 6 months; these were caused by long line of booking by our local media counterparts and private events from manufacturers.

Rant about it? No we don’t need to. Malaysian Riders understands its capacity and has no desire to engage in a mission to acquire new bikes and produce videos quick enough just to match the one being released by our international counterparts; along with the increasingly quicken delivery of machine to local consumers instead of us non-mainstream motoring media. We truly respect how our local motoring industry works and there’s no reason for us to complaint about it. The solution, work our way around it and produce something that actually fits our vision to produce high quality content with a unique approach to give a different way of how viewers may consume their motoring infotainment.

Our new release was obviously far from perfect. But we are not looking to hard sell our move into a cinematic storytelling to all of our existing followers. Starting from the 11th of July 2016 (the release of “Mencari Diri” short film), we will always be accompanying our cinematic storytelling content with one extra video discussing about the same bike in a much standardized opinion video presentation. These with hope that we can touch further or elaborate in greater details on the machine we’re testing. The cost to produce our content averaging within the same range from 2014 up till now; but we haven’t got the chance to fully increase the quality of production due to some limitation.

Following from the move to a cinematic storytelling concept of motoring show, we can certainly explore a much beautiful way to share our opinion on the bikes we’re testing in the future. The KTM 1050 Adventure short film was a debut effort from Malaysian Riders to reach our viewers in a fresh new concept and certainly comes at a price of shocking some of your normal expectation. But the Malaysian Riders team are hoping that the transition shall be accepted and the fans will share the vision on how Malaysian Riders will produce it’s content in the great future ahead.


All in all, our work on future content shall be in the shape on cinematic storytelling accompanied by a quick video to wrap up everything that we felt on the machine we’re testing. This is the way we want to convey our vision to all of our viewers. For that, we are grateful with every bit of support from our friends and followers in this journey. Malaysian Riders will now be in the work to release another film on a Yamaha motorcycle being presented by our test rider; Reffy Kamar. It is slated to be released between July or August 2016.

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