Automoto and Malaysian Riders to Partner till 2020


Malaysian Riders organization has been working long to create the best kind of alternative motoring show for it’s audiences for the past 5 years, throughout which; the team had collaborated with some of Malaysia’s prolific brands and organizations in order to run it’s filming activities for the whole season. The entire production of Malaysian Riders show could cost at about RM25,000 a year and that is not a small amount for a non-commercially published organization like us.

The demands or requests for our show have been very encouraging and we are truly honored to have such attention from the people out there. But that alone wouldn’t be sufficient for our team to produce enough motoring show that is up to the vision of our founders. Fortunately, some of our collaborators has been generous enough to support our cause and given their support to ensure our production goes to plan. One of our most prominent supporters since 2014 has been this startup brand known as Automoto; (Unleash your Motoring Lifestyle).

Automoto is a lifestyle brand that revolves around the interest of motoring and motorsports. It was established by one of Malaysian Riders’ longtime acquaintance and a few partners. Beginning 2016, the local brand has team up with an experienced key player of our local motorcycle accessories and appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Shark helmets Malaysia; Mr. Ron Tan, to drive the startup venture in a 5 year growth plan. This has given the brand an ability to introduce more than 200 units of it’s product in a few months onto what basically a very niche market.


Malaysian Riders had it’s toughest season yet last year where it loses some of the biggest source of income due to the different direction taken by the team in 2016. Less than 12 films were made in which only 3 of them were produced with the highest production quality possible. Despite that, one of our biggest collaborator; Automoto stayed true to it’s effort in supporting Malaysian Riders by contributing the most amount of funds in order to back our production team in 6 of our major filming last year.

Following from a series of discussion between the two organizations; Automoto had agreed to continue it’s support towards Malaysian Riders until the year 2020. The move came in a highly welcomed moment as Malaysian Riders is undergoing a process to step up it’s production by producing more variety of shows for the viewers to enjoy. Malaysian Riders are looking to use the partnership with Automoto in increasing it’s ability to generate the funds needed in order for each film project to be executed properly. Malaysian Riders will release it’s 2017 season show beginning April of this year.

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