Motorcyclist Brotherhood: What’s Your Experience?


Looking back when everything first started for us in Malaysian Riders, the word bikers brotherhood or just “brotherhood” within the circle of riders has been widely spread and used. This article will be a short one just a way for us to look back on what we’ve experienced and also a question to the current trend of bikers. The writer started his journey in biking from the year 2011 and since then has been active socializing within the group, thus having a little bit of experience having the so-called life of a biker.

So what is this brotherhood anyway? By definition, it’s meant to be the relationship between brothers. But in the term that we generally imply, it means an understanding of a common interest that we shares with others be it known or unknown individuals. In doing so, we tend to take it as a way to eliminate awkwardness in socializing between us and at the same time lend our helping hand when it’s most needed. The friendliness that we apply in the context of bikers brotherhood or motorcyclist brotherhood basically goes beyond the level of saying to some stranger if we happened to be in a place of interest; but it also goes to the level of nodding to a perfect stranger on the road when we’re in full riding gears and what not.

Brotherhood? or simply helping?

There was a few times before, during our riding session where we stopped to help out a fellow motorcyclist that seems to be in need of help. Well this is what we call as brotherhood that we’re so eager to share with others. But isn’t it really part of our human nature to be helpful to others in need? Yes you’re right, but a sentiment also proofs to be a factor to drive our inner angelic goodness (hehe). The shared interest or even the simple fact for the person in need of help is a biker or motorcyclist alone will activate our sense of brotherhood-ness. We can really say that the level of motorcyclist brotherhood seems to be greater than those who are a car enthusiast like those tuners or those exotics on the road.

You might already know about all of this, but in recent time; we’ve been gotten lots of “stories” of how this seemingly wonderful brotherhood seems to be fading away. What happen? Well, there seems to be a new wave of riders coming into the scene and they seems to not get the spirit of brotherhood between bikers. What they’ve opted for now seems to be weighted more towards being in an exclusive group and thrash talk the others while boasting themselves up for no good reason. We won’t say that this is really a problem as most wouldn’t really take them seriously, but it doesn’t help the development of a proper motoring and motorsports culture here in Malaysia. Well, that is only a small part of what we’ve heard from these new generation of bikers. The booming growth of our motorcycle scene here since 2010 have been wonderful, but it would be a huge shame if the attitude within the community starts to change for the worst. What do you think? Do you have your own story to share?

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