Yamaha LC135 New Looks!


It’s an all new look for Malaysia’s favorite moped; the Yamaha LC135. As always, the manufacturer are excited to showcase their refreshed release of existing bikes in hopes to instigate the public’s interest on the model. The Yamaha LC135 needs no introduction and certainly needs no review from us especially when it’s already been here in the market for years.

The new looks in our opinions may not be as striking or bold in terms of design as it relies much on the traditional lines and base color. But the yellow (or silver as indicated in our press release) version seems to be a tad bit interesting then the rest with a very clean look of it’s white and yellow combination. Spotting a yellow colored rims as a standard too makes it a bit more interesting then the rest of the updates. No changes in terms of specification as far as what we’ve been told.


Priced at RM7,167.72 with GST; the bike looks to be marketed in the same fashion as before despite having it’s slightly larger brother, the Yamaha Y15ZR. We’re yet to make a piece of wrting or review on the Y15ZR but we’re guessing that it’s a little bit too late for that. We are however, interested to know how their latest unveiled machine the much anticipated NVX155 performs. We will be looking into taking the bike for a spin soon, our test riders are sure to be very excited in having a go with it.



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