Perseverance Till The End: Hafizh Syahrin 10th in Austria


Drama, drama, drama for Pescao in the Austrian round of MotoGP which concluded yesterday. It was not to be his weekend when he was penalized for having a tire pressure too low as per set by the regulation in Moto2 grid. Initially, Hafizh was close enough to qualify around 12th position; but as fate would have it the Malaysian rider got pushed back to 21st on the grid. But it wasn’t the end of the world for the Malaysian rider as the turn of event proves to be a determining factor for his final result.

Hafizh was consistently competitive throughout the weekend to be very close near the top 10 spot and seems possible to challenge for a top 10 finish through a long distant race as he usually does before. But it all was not to be when the group ahead was immediately separated with the rest of the field when a clash happened at very first turn of the Red bull Ring circuit. Hafizh was somehow lucky not to be caught in the tangle and got away safely to be able in focusing on his own race. From there one, the chase is on as he works from the 14th on the grid to finish 10th.


Hafizh was able to match some of the pace shown by the riders in the top 10 group at some point but so are the other riders in front of him; but there was no significant indication of Hafizh being able to stay in the tow of the riders in front of him and eventually fighting hard to keep up with the pace. As the race progressed, it’s clear how everything is shaping up; but Hafizh’s perseverance got him to the result that he clearly needed. 10th spot on a highly competitive is not an easy achievement for any rider despite the pressure coming from the fans and maybe sponsors, this will surely get his spirit up by a little as they approach the upcoming race.

Up till this date, Hafizh remains to be Malaysia’s greatest prospect to bring success for the team his riding and the flag he carries. All he need to do now is up his game bit by bit with positive progress and inching closer to the top 5 group. Next up for him will be the Octo British Grand Prix at the circuit of Silverstone, Petronas Raceline needs to be ready for the possibility of a damped or wet race in Silverstone as it may be a chance for Hafizh to do well and proves again on his nickname as “Pescao”. We are urging more and more Malaysian to show their support towards our motorsports athletes competing all over the world, carrying our Jalur Gemilang.

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