Our Flag in Japan: Asia Power

Pawi Rd.04 Spain RAC (3)

You know it’s the triple header rounds of MotoGP this month in Japan, Malaysia our home country and Australia. It is the time of the year for the fans of motorsports across Asia to witness their local heroes giving their very best to leave a mark in the global phenomenon sporting event. MotoGP has made themselves certain to be the current global favorites in terms of Motorsports event surpassing the ever declining Formula 1. As a Malaysian, we are not out of the picture with the likes of Hafizh Syahrin and Adam Noroddin currently making headlines in the 2017 season along with the Moto2 rookie Khairul Idham Pawi.

We are never lacking of supply in this sport as more and more are striving to emerge from the local scene such as the Malaysian Cubprix. This weekend’s race in Japan will serve most of the Asian favorites to showcase their true colors and ensure the fans that the Asia Power is on par with the larger group of Europeans at the top spot of the championship. Takaaki Nakagami will surely lead the Asian charge for this week’s round of racing. But here in Malaysia, we are sure hoping for another success by our boy Hafizh as what he’s shown before in San Marino after grabbing a pretty convincing 3rd place just behind the much experienced championship contender Tom Luthi with Hafizh’s long time Moto2 rival Dominic Aegerter taking the win.

Will there be a Malaysian flag waiving in the land of the rising sun this week? We are very much hoping to see that as both Hafizh and Adam has been showing a pretty consistent performance throughout the weekend. Obviously, Hafizh will be the favorites for the Malaysian fans but we are confident that Adam will bring something to the table for his SIC Racing Team outfit this weekend. What’s most important for him is to finish well in the point scoring position and slowly gain his confident to achieve a much consistent top places performance. Moto3 is never an easy bike to master but in doing so, the path towards controlling the larger and heavier Moto2 and MotoGP will be much better.

At the time of this writing, only Adam Noroddin from our national camp has completed his morning warm up session as heavy rains are being reported around the Motegi Circuit ground. Scoring a third best time in the morning warm up, this will be a great chance for Adam to show what he’s got later in the race and repeats his near success performance back in Argentina of 2016. Be sure to enjoy the race and support our local riders be it in the global stage or even on the local series.

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