Amazing Looking Ducati V4


Wow. Just wow. Something that we are looking forward to see and here it is for our viewing pleasure. The long awaited or the much anticipated Ducati’s V4 superbike. What more can you say? It’s the new direction of Ducati for their ultimate production superbike which seems to be taking a lot of their MotoGP developments DNA into it’s built.


Malaysian Riders were there in their recent launches and MotoGP parties here in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction of the Malaysian round of MotoGP. Without doubt, the talks about this magnificent machine was among the top of the topic. The local motoring journalist just couldn’t help but ask about it. Some info about it, it is said to have about 218 horsepower with a bike weighing slightly more than the 1299.


Wanna know about the price? well we don’t have anything solid for now and of course the bike won’t be here as soon as 2018 but it’ll be eventually be made available for the avid fans of Ducati brand here in Malaysia. What’s happening now with Naza’s managed Ducati Malaysia is going great and we’re super delighted to see more and more exciting stuff coming out from their range and the brand. Hoping to see that the Mean Red Machine be dominating the exclusive big bike market very soon.

**images credited to Ducati and it’s original owner**

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