The Revival of an Icon: Boon Siew Honda launches the Honda Monkey

Pearl Glittering Blue

Penang, 27 September 2018 – Honda’s mini-bike fans rejoice! Boon Siew Honda today presents the world’s most iconic mini-bike – Honda Monkey to Malaysian customers. The New Honda Monkey now comes with a 125cc and modern feature that encapsulates the attraction of a bike, its playful spirit that is typically Honda, and modernized design.

“Honda Monkey is a unique mini bike admired by its fan worldwide including Malaysia,” said Boon Siew Honda Managing Director and Chief Executive Office, Keiichi Yasuda.  “After months of its showcasing at many public exhibitions, we have received positive feedback on it hence our decision to offer this iconic model for the Malaysian market.” “The launch of Honda Monkey, today with further, reinforces Boon Siew Honda’s commitment in bringing more exciting motorcycle lineup to the Malaysian market,” he later added.  

Powered by a 125CC air-cooled single-cylinder, four-stroke engine which delivers 6.66kW at 7,000 rpm and 10.5 N.m of torque at 5,500 rpm, the 2018 Honda Monkey would be the most capable model to date ever since its first road-going model introduction in 1963.


The revamped look for the 2018 Honda Monkey, draws heavily on the vintage aspect complemented by modern touches. Some of the features include:  

1.        LED Headlight: To further improve riders’ visibility.

2.        LED Taillight and winkers: Add modern touch, durability, and energy efficient to a classic design.

3.        LCD Digital Meter: For ease of information transfer.

4.        Tools keepers: For maintenance equipment storage.

5.        Alarm & Answer Back System: Enable owner to pinpoint the mini-bike instantaneously and provide security assistance.

6.        Never Lower Muffler: To complement the retro design aspect of the Honda Monkey.


Despite its appearance, the seat height is considerably premium measuring at 775mm. Accompanied by dual rear shocks with 4 inches of suspension level which provide a maximum ground clearance of 160mm. It will give the rider a level of comfort akin to regular street bike.

Potential Honda Monkey owners are spoilt for choice with their ability to customize their Monkeys to suit their personal lifestyles. The Honda Monkey is available in a combination of chrome and bright color schemes namely Pearl Nebula Red, Pearl Glittering Blue, and the appropriately named Banana Yellow.


The recommended showroom price for the Honda Monkey is RM 13.999.00. Do note that the price is zero SST rated as the Honda Monkey is not affected by the recent SST implementation.


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