Alpinestars & Iktikad Raya




Alpinestars and Iktikad Raya Marketing
in Malaysia is an entity that needs no introduction anymore. They are being managed and handled by Iktikad Raya Marketing and has been the official sole-distributor of Alpinestars products since 2012. Their role towards Malaysian Riders motorcycle show is to enhance the visual presentation and safety of our test rider (Muhammad Rashidi) in performing their tests and in racing as well. With more and more high intensity and high risk riding activity being done by our organization, it is only right that we took on this collaboration between Alpinestars and Malaysian Riders. Listed below are all the gears that has been sponsored to our test rider Muhammad Rashidi, each has been tested and been given an opinion:

Click to View:
2Haze Air
Alpinestars Haze Air Jacket


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