Taiwanese 800cc by Dinli

Dinli DL 282 (image credited to Dinli)

We are pretty sure that most of us are not familiar when it comes to the name of this Taiwan based company Dinli. Even at first glance, no one would probably recognize it as a motorcycle company. For that, most of you will guess wrong and the fact that it is a motorcycle manufacturer will probably now be a big question mark in your head whether if you’ve had heard of them or not.

Let us be brief with the introduction of this particular manufacturer. Dinli Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. was first established on the 1st of August in 1983 in Tali Industrial district of Taichung County in Taiwan. When it was first introduced, it was always meant to manufacture engines for motorcycles and motor vehicles for export to most of Southeast Asian markets. So why do we rarely hear the name of this company?

Well most probably it was due to it’s nature of business where it focus itself in the production of all terrain vehicle or ATV. Therefore, it is fair to say that not everyone of us really have the need of this vehicle and seldom look for it in the magazines or any kind of media that are available today. So what about it now that we are interested in discussing or rather write about?

Dinli DL 281 (image credited to Dinli)

It is for it’s newly announced 800cc single-cylinder cruiser. Impressive isn’t it? Not one but two cruisers at the same time. In a recent Taiwan International Motorcycle Show that was held this month, the company had revealed their latest toys namely the DL281 and DL282. Powered by a 750cc liquid cooled 4 valves single-cylinder motor,  the bike is surely amazing by the spec given from it’s first preview. But, then you will again have a big question mark on your forehead as the gearbox in unconventional for something that we are used to when looking at a cruiser. It comes with a CVT Transmission, which mean this won’t really be your usual cruiser but more like a scooter.

Well enough with all the hype for now as no exact announcement whether this bike will ever enter our market or even our European counterparts. But when they do, we surely hope that it will be here as this will add more varieties and choice for us “bikers” to spend our money on. Stay tune for more updates and exclusive stories with us in Malaysian Riders.


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  1. With a forty years experience in riding motorcycles this bike really draws my attention. The CVT Transmission is exactly what I am looking for. As I learned to know this bike has a reverse gear as well (great !) and a neutral position. The one cylinder engine is the right one for touring and will provide this special feeling. I could imagine this engine would work great in a Enduro / “Off Road”-touring bike as well. Hopefully the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for the European market will be achieved soon. DINLI go ahead. Best regards to Malaysian Riders.

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