SOLD: Ferrari Motorcycle

image credited to visordown

 £85,000 equivalent to RM417,399 had to be paid for the winning bidder as the bike was previously failed to be auctioned back in 2008. The bike was designed by an ex MV Agusta David Kay with his engineering team after he gets the permission from Piero Ferrari to use the name and the badge for this particular bike.

As stated by Visordown on their report(click link to view) for this motorcycle, we too share the same opinion as there are nothing special about the bike’s specification as it only hold 105hp produced by it’s 900cc inline-4 engine and an aluminum body work. Well that’s about it, the rest is just the name of it making it one of the rarest motorcycle in the world.

Whether there will be any review or test ride of the bike, that remains to be a gigantic hope. It seems very impossible for it to ever set foot on our shore in the near future.

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