Humorous Ferrari?? FAHRRADI

The power of perspective.. you wouldn’t think that this is a bicycle

In a glance, we are pretty sure that it is an FXX Ferrari. A gazillion dollar exotic from Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari. But then we notice the slim and slender tires of the car, wait a minute; it’s not a Ferrari. It’s a Fahrradi.

It’s not actually a car, but it’s more like a four wheeled bicycle. We are not sure what to call it, but hey it does work. Not as amazing as the real life counterparts where it can reach 300km/h and not to forget it’s amazing sound. This on the other hand, well let’s just say it cant even reach 50km/h and the only sound it made is from your mouth and all your imaginations.

The “car”.. Naked.. 😀

Designer Hannes Langeder unveiled the “car” with it’s insanely similar design to the track only Ferrari. The “car” is made out of entirely plastic and light-weight steel and using a pedal that control 11 different gears as a steer. It only weights in at 220 pounds and it took 12 months to be made and named Fahrradi Farfall FFX. Sure took a long time to build a bicycle isn’t it, although this FXX look a like took a year to be build. This isn’t his first time as previously he build a Porsche which was featured in the famous Top Gear UK show with Richard Hammond behinds the wheel.

Please watch this..

As interesting as it is, we couldn’t be more amazed by the effort and creativity of the designer to produce such thing. Us in Malaysian Riders thinks this is great and people should be more creative and bold in achieving their objectives similar to Hannes Langeder. Come on, what about us Malaysian? Do we have something great to show to the world?

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