Malaysian Superbike

Malaysia is a country full with people who are passionate about the automotive industry even though the reputation for Malaysian automotive player is not always something that us Malaysian can be proud of. But people will say that it is better to have something rather than having nothing at all. In a way, we have to agree that the statement is true. We can at least be proud with the fact that we do have our own car maker such as Proton and Perodua and we too have our own local motorcycle maker like the Modenas and Demak.

But after years of development and journey alongside these manufacturers, people now starts to ask for something more, something that is different from the norm of what people think of when we say Malaysian bikes or cars. Without any doubt that even us in Malaysian Riders were always dreaming of our nation having it’s own superbikes brand or supercars maker. These vision or dream is not really something that is impossible to be achieved in such modern time where technologies can easily be gained by some intensive cooperation with some of the more establishing companies throughout the world.

Talking about Malaysian having it’s own superbike brand is not something that we haven’t discussed previously. But this time around, the dream of having our own superbike brand out for the market may not be something that is far from the reality. Why are we saying this? Malaysian Riders for the time being cannot make any statement regarding this particular issue in details yet. But to be honest, we have a few delicate information that will make a lot of Malaysian motorcycle enthusiast very excited like a kid given a chocolate candy. For that, we are currently waiting for the green light before we can proceed in sharing this great information with our readers and viewers.

With that, we are hoping that all of you will stay tune with us and keep supporting Malaysian Riders as we brings the latest news and information regarding local motorcycle scene and also the International motorcycle scene.



  1. Fake photos, bikes not even proton brand. See the truck’s number plate can know d its not from malaysia.

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