GIVI Introduces New Motorcycle Boxes

Great news to all motorcyclist out there that loves the use of motorcycle box with their bikes for a quick way to commute without hassle but retain the ability to have such mobility while having some extra loads with them. Givi, a brand that is without any introduction needed and probably the most dominant company in the industry for having such accessories.

E350RN attached to motorcycle

In their latest release given to us media body, It has been announced that there are two new models coming to the market as of now. The two models are the GIVI E30RN and E350RN. According to them, these two models will be the first of many new accessories from their line up that will be launch in the upcoming months this year.

Both new models are capable to handle load with 3KG of mass and the different between the two is that the E350RN have a larger volume than the E30RN. Both models are also enhanced with safety feature of light reflector that can help improves other motorist awareness with the motorcyclist existence. Surely, us in Malaysian Riders are happy with these new models and we think that the market should be able to decide which is better for them with these new entries.

Stay tune with us for more updates and news in the future. Check out our youtube channel for some alternative side of Malaysian Riders in delivering our news and information.


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