Day 1: 2-Wheels Palooza

Malaysian Riders was presence yesterday at the motorcycle event held in Bukit Jalil. Our first impression was, this should be a great event being it was properly organized in such vast space. But, here comes the sad part of the event. There were not as many crowds as we would hope for such an event. This is a little bit disappointing from our perspective as this would mean the organize fail to have an effective pre-event marketing.

We stayed there about until 8.00pm just to see if there is any changes in the flow of crowds coming in. But nothing is changing as the event was still at it slow pace and it force Malaysian Riders crew to back out and get back to our HQ. But that was for day 1 of the event. Today we are hoping for something better, something much more energetic for the sake of the event’s good name.

Well please enjoy the highlight video below and we will bring you more updates in the near future. Stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders, home to motorcycle enthusiast.

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