What motoryclist see: Entry 1

Assuming most of us ride motorcycle on a daily basis and we always finds ourselves in some difficult situation or utterly stupid or awkward moment. Well, yes we all have had these experience. But not everyone out there understands about being a rider, sometimes our existence seems to be invisible to the eyes of those might drivers. In the end, we are the one who will get into trouble and with a bit of bad luck, we might also get some pain as a souvenir.

This time, Malaysian Riders will be hosting or kinda like give the opportunity to all riders out there who wants to share their story with us on their daily riding experience. The good side and the bad side of the story. We are open in all kind of entry, photos, story telling, videos, audios you name it. Yes, all kind of understandable language we will accept. But please, no weird slang or some other cult language. We do not know how to interpret it.

So for this first entry, we got one from a Kawasaki Kips rider who wants to share a glimpse of his daily riding experience. Join us on board with this rider, shot using GoPro.

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