How Fortunate

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After going through the international news from our European counterparts, we found out about one event which is an open and free event to the public will be held by Kawasaki. It’s not really an event by Kawasaki, it is more like a road tour promotional thing by UK Kawasaki. Attendees to the Oulton Park BSB will be given a chance to test ride some of the Kawasaki machine around the town.

After reading about it, Malaysian Riders felt a little bit of jealous about our European counterparts on their motorcycle related event. They often got the chance to test out the latest bikes, get the latest updates and all kind of things. We are pretty sure many among us also wonder why can’t Malaysian enjoy the same good thing in our life.

We do understand there are major differences between the two countries motorcycle scene. Over here, the fact people can own a big bike can be categorized or considered as someone who is rich. It’s quite different over there as they can afford to own one compared to having a supercar or luxury cars as that will cost too much even for our European counterparts.

Therefore, let us work together in developing the motorcycle industry and the motorsports scene in Malaysia so that it can be something better in the future for our future generation.

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