Legendary Nürburgring in Trouble

image credited to gpnow.com

The all time great of a circuit in the world is not in a great shape at all. The news that we received is certainly not a pleasant one, a magnificent piece of a track known as the “green hell” is now broke. It is amazing how can a historical circuit and proven to be one of the best circuit in the world can face something like this.

The circuit, managed by NurburgringGmbH which is a state owned company is now hoping for a 13 million Euros for the sake of rescuing the circuit. But that is not going to plan too with the EU Commission deny the proposed plan by the company. The loss of profit from the highly active circuit were to be said due to the two burdens that the circuit facility had to carry along which is the roller coaster and the shopping mall which was never successful at the first place.

image credited to gpnow.com

Considering the circuit is a larger than what we have here in Malaysia with our Sepang International Circuit, it is safe to say that we won’t be looking at any articles in the near future discussing about our race track going bankrupt. With the state of the “green hell” is now in a deep trouble, the circuit will remain active with all kind of events related to motoring.

From our perspective, it is a sad thing to see such thing occur to one of the world’s greatest place for motorsports. We do hope that it will be all good in the future and the circuit will continue to run like always. For more info and news, subscribe to our facebook page and youtube channel.

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