Kawasaki is Ready for 2013

With all the news and updates revealed by Kawasaki in a short period recently, we now can confirm that the year 2013 will be an all exciting for us motorcycle enthusiast all around the globe. The green machines will be made to the world and this is surely a great time for us to hold our breath as the media all over the world will change the focus towards  those 2 bikes, the Ninja 300 and the new ZX6R with an all new 636cc engine.

As for now, we have no exact details on both bike on when and how much the price that we can expect for our lovely Malaysian market. The new ZX6R is packed with a lot and we really mean a lot of electronics similar to what the MV Agusta’s 675 had. This must be an exciting news as Kawasaki claims that this is the most advance supersports motorcycle they ever produce.

For the Ninja 300, our European counterparts has been happily testing the bike and there already a debate going on whether the bike is better or not. As for now, we would recommend to stay optimistic for the bike as most of the motorcycle media in the region had stated that the bike does feel new and its not just a beefed up Ninja 250R. So, we are hoping that this bike will enter our market as we are hoping to get our hands on them and probably make a film for it.

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  1. Kalau dah ada Ninja 300, X payah bawak masuk Ninja 250 pun xpe kan sebab beza sikit sahaja & pasti performance Ninja 300 lagi bagus..

  2. kat mana ada jual dah kawsaki ninja 250 baru tu…. aku pg survey kedai masih belum ada … dan berapa harga sbnr motor tu termasuk otr….

    1. Salam Zul, Buat masa ini.. informasi yang kami punyai adalah pihak “Seri Gading Kawasaki” mempunyai stok terhad Ninja 250R 2013 ini…
      kalau nak tengok kene cepat sebelum disambar orang..

  3. Salam. .ade gud news x untuk ninja 250r 2013 nie yg SE punyer bile masuk malaysia and cc 250 ur 300 yg bakal masuk. .tq

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