Modenas Ace 115 Motard Concept

image courtesy of MODENAS Facebook Page

Recently, the national motorcycle manufacturer based in Gurun, Kedah (Modenas) had given a preview of their latest innovation from their recently launched model the Modenas Ace 115. It was a rather simple preview that is with no intention of media publicity been given by the local firm for their experiment with the Ace model.

The simple presentation to the public was held in Plaza Angsana in Johor Bahru recently and the bike was a Motard concept of the Ace 115. From the looks, it does shows that Modenas have a few ideas with their current model but the execution could have been better. The overall design is still closely resemble the original model and with minor changes in terms of fairing used.

image courtesy of MODENAS Facebook Page

Apart from that, there has been no detailed specification given from the source as to what kind of enhancement has been made to the power plant of the bike. After all, the bike is only a concept off the Ace model. From our opinion, the concept has a lot of potential in it. An increment of height and some extra power to the rear tire would be a nice upgrade to the original engine used on the Ace 115.

image courtesy of MODENAS Facebook Page

We are looking forward to see what Modenas have to offer in the near future as we are ready to support the local firm in promoting their brand and models. Stay tune with us Malaysian Riders and please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and Like our Facebook Page for more info in the future.



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