Suzuki Limited Edition GSX-R1000

When our counterparts in Europe are enjoying the news and updates that’ll be coming to their region in the upcoming year from this year’s Intermot. We on the other hand is still wondering this and that whether we will be getting something similar like what the Europeans do. For that, we are not certain whether if we should rely on the updates from the recent event or not.

But what the heck, there is no harm done sharing the news with our readers. So back to the topic in hand, Suzuki had announced an exciting Limited Edition of the GSX-R1000 in order to celebrate the model 1 million hit in sales. That is one huge number to celebrate on and we really think there is nothing wrong with that. With that, we would expect some changes been made on the gixxer liter bike.

Well, we will all be disappointed with the fact that only the paint job is new and the rest is exactly the same as the current production model. What a news isn’t it, well at least we can say that it does look “special” and the price for this baby shouldn’t be too much of a different with the current production model. That’s it for now, oh yes we are not sure whether if it will ever enter the Malaysian market as this is coming off from Intermot.

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