Ducati Likes Strada for 2013

Well this might not be the hottest news currently as we are quite late in sharing our news on Ducati’s 2013 models and to be honest motorcycle media all over the world has been actively sharing the news to all of us. Well for us, let’s just take a moment and see the Ducati move real close and think a little bit more of our own opinion on Ducati’s plan on all these Strada. Yeap, Strada.. Ducati Diavel Strada and Ducati Hyperstrada.

What is Strada actually mean? Strada can be defined and this may not be accurate as Road or Way. Therefore, we can assume that the new models of Ducati will be much more road focused and will be having all the capabilities needed for touring like the “Multistrada”. The two new Strada version of Diavel and Hyperstrada which was introduced in EICMA gained a lot of attention from attendance at the show.

Ducati Diavel Strada will be coming for the market in 2013 and the bike will be equipped with a touring screen, higher bars, heated grips, a touring seat, passenger back rest, twin power outlets, revised pillion footrests and luggage as standard on this masterpiece bike from Ducati. To those who haven’t got the chance to feel the power of Ducati Diavel in it’s standard form, we guess that will not help you imagine how it will feel how the Strada version will be like.

Onto the much more interesting bike, the Hyperstrada which logically seen as a combination between the hypermotard and the multistrada. It really gives you the feeling that this bike will be something special from Ducati to it’s fans all over the world. The bike which will be coming with the 821cc water-cooled Testastretta engine with a maximum power of 110hp can be imagined to be a very cool touring bike for the adventurer wannabe out there.

Well, we are not there in EICMA to comment too much on the bike as we are hoping to see it with our own eyes soon. So for the mean time, we will stop here for now about the two new Strada from Ducati. Stay tune with us in Malaysian Riders and please LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE and SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more of our unique contents. Especially for our film contents.



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